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19th Floor Report: "Connected Online Releases Convenience Platform in Hangzhou - Good Site"

Internet, Hangzhou company officially opened

Hangzhou is the capital of e-commerce. Under the leadership of Alibaba, the Internet+ atmosphere in Hangzhou is becoming more and more intense! As we have seen, mobile internet has sprouted in Hangzhou and it has been widely used. This not only creates opportunities for transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises, but also brings new round of innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities to e-commerce companies. With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, a series of O2O innovation service platforms have sprung up. The Internet has gradually shifted from the PC to mobile camps. The “Online Online” that was founded in Shenzhen yesterday announced the formal opening of its Hangzhou company. The new product "Good Site", dedicated to building on-site service in all areas of the industry, was officially released.

Regional Committee Leaders Visited the Opening Ceremony of Internet Hangzhou Online

The "Good Site" platform officially seized the above-mentioned door service in the O2O 2.0 era as its main features. It integrated car washing, catering, hairdressing, beauty, and massage, which had to be experienced in the past, and users only had to meet their own needs. , Through the mobile terminal orders, and then provide matching services through the system matching, and then "buy" service, you can achieve a real home service.

Conference attendees

Zhou Ming, chairman of “Connected Online,” disclosed that currently “Good Site” has assembled about 210,000 businesses, mainly serving North, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou. Based on the existing WeChat platform, APP will also plan online.


Internet + Business Model Brainstorming

As a heavyweight on-site service platform in China, Good Sites is an O2O on-site service platform that centers on individual users and brings together all on-site service businesses. With the “Internet Plus,” it promotes and upgrades traditional businesses. Bringing orders and profits to merchants, bringing convenience and happiness to individual users, and in the increasingly fierce enterprise-level application war, there will be a bloody road for the benefit of society.

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