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"Internet-connected desire to take the wind" Internet +" outlet force O2O platform"

In 2015, it was the 21st anniversary of the Chinese Internet. Hangzhou, with its "China's e-commerce capital" and China's Internet finance city, which is trying to build, has always played an important role in China's Internet industry structure. At the same time, Hangzhou’s strong entrepreneurial atmosphere and favorable policies have made Hangzhou a place where many high-level talents and technology companies are willing to settle down. Zhou Guohui, the director of the Zhejiang Science and Technology Department, admitted frankly that Hangzhou recruiting talents and attracting entrepreneurial teams have become famous.


On the 23rd, Shenzhen, a well-known cloud computing company, interconnected with Hangzhou Online, and officially settled in Hangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. Zhou Ming, an internet-connected online CEO, stated that Hangzhou is a model of popular entrepreneurship and innovation, and has the potential to become the Silicon Valley of China. Connected Online wants to take the “Internet Plus” strategic prestige, leveraging the resources and geographic advantages of Hangzhou e-commerce capital to create a local living O2O service ecosystem that is different from the previous group purchase model.


It is understood that the Internet has launched O2O products - a good site, a good site for individual users as the center, gathered around the door of all home service business O2O on-site service platform. So far, 210,000 merchants have entered the platform and can provide on-site services.


Zhou Ming stated at the opening ceremony that vertical segmentation of O2O services has brought convenience to the users, but also caused users to face countless O2O service providers and took a long time to make choices, thus increasing the cost of use. Experience decline. "So Internet Connect wanted to build a platform for O2O on-site service, to provide users with a simple entrance, to save time with a one-stop service." Zhou Ming said building the original intention of the O2O platform.


The reporter learned that since China entered the era of full mobile Internet in 2014, the O2O field has witnessed tremendous changes under the impetus of entrepreneurial innovation and capital markets. In particular, O2O on-site service in the vertical sector has become the focus of entrepreneurs and capital. A number of fast-growing O2O on-site start-up companies have emerged, such as home manicure, door-to-door car washing, home cooks, and home massage.


After O2O on-site service platformization, it will help provide standardized services and reduce costs. Zhou Ming stated that the O2O platform built by Good Sites will use the advantages of connected online in big data and cloud computing to provide accurate marketing for merchants and bring more intelligent service experience to users, thus competing with traditional group purchase websites.


Finally, Zhou Ming also explained that the Internet Hangzhou company is not a branch company, but one of the future headquarters. The reason for the online online location in Hangzhou is that Hangzhou, as the capital city of China's e-commerce, has a privately-owned economy, a fertile entrepreneurial soil, and a beautiful and livable natural environment. It is located in the Yangtze River Delta, backed by Shanghai’s geographical advantages and convenient transportation, and well-known Talented people in colleges and universities.

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