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Hangzhou Daily reported: "Internet released a "good site" platform in Hangzhou"

This reporter (reporter Tu Yan) has recently been the hottest non-O2O concept based on the O2O concept in the Internet industry, “home” business, home manicure, home laundry, home cooking, home massage, home car wash... almost every type It has become a business with unlimited prospects. Yesterday, "Connected Online", which originated in Shenzhen, announced the formal opening of its Hangzhou company. A new product, "Good Site," devoted to building on-site service in all areas of the platform was also released.


Unlike many on-site service applications that focus on a single vertical area, "Good Sites" cover a wide range of life services including water delivery, maintenance, laundry, housekeeping, errands, delivery, take-away, health massage, beauty manicure, car service and many other services. Integrating the integration platform will also provide consumers with customized services based on individual characteristics and needs, and eventually create a complete O2O on-site service ecosystem. Zhou Ming, chairman of “Connected Online,” disclosed that currently, “Good Sites” has assembled around 210,000 merchants, mainly serving North, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou. Based on the existing WeChat platform, APP is also planned to It was formally launched before this month.

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