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Good site: kill a bloody road

The "Internet +" is a fire that has prospered since the beginning of the two sessions of this year. Many companies have "moved to the sky" and engaged in a transformation revolution. At the 2015 China (Shenzhen) IT Leaders Summit, all the big brothers made it clear that enterprise-level applications will be the main battleground for the next mobile Internet.


In recent years, the rapid development of on-site service, especially since 2014, has witnessed an outbreak of on-site service. Whether it is massage, nail art, or cooking, car washing, all kinds of industries have swarmed into the O2O on-site service market, followed by the birth of the various enterprise-level applications is directly to the war on consumers' mobile phones. There are endless amounts of taxis, beaver families, chefs, and hungry.


For businesses and consumers, the benefits of on-site service are numerous. Users can enjoy all kinds of services delivered to their homes without leaving the house. However, through the expansion of on-site services, businesses can not only save product costs and use them to attract customers, but also provide direct and effective promotion and publicity for services.


However, some problems that accompany it also plague users. All kinds of on-site service, each service has a separate APP, such as to do nail art you have to be the next beaver home APP, want to eat the next hungry app, playing the travel will have to go down A drop-by-dash ... ... and consumer demand for on-site service is not just a few, if you need more on-site service, it means that the consumer's mobile phone will be filled with a variety of enterprise-class applications. As a result, consumers will be overwhelmed and will greatly affect the consumer experience.


This does not remind us of the bloody battles of Tencent, 360, and Kingsoft anti-virus software. Shopping malls such as battlefields, and future mobile-end O2O on-site service applications, will also be staged as "you have not me". Compatible campaigns.


In this close application of enterprise-class applications, it will eventually be able to win a bloody battle and win. There will only be an integrated O2O on-site service platform. The integrated O2O on-site service platform can not only bring consumers the most perfect consumer experience, but also help businesses grow in size, which will also be a key point for O2O's on-site service development and growth.


The "O2O Onsite Service Platform for Good Sites" of China Unicom Online is a heavyweight integrated on-site service platform in China. It focuses on individual users and gathers all on-site service businesses. Combining “Internet Plus” will enable the promotion and upgrading of traditional businesses, bring orders and profits to merchants, and bring convenience and happiness to individual users. In the increasingly fierce enterprise-level application war, good sites will kill a bloody road for the benefit of society.

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