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O2O platform is an inevitable trend

From the initial group purchase to the later trials in various vertical fields, to the Internet giant to follow up on the harvest, and the transformation of the traditional offline business services companies to the Internet, today both Internet companies and traditional service industries are O2O is connected to business models and business innovations in an attempt to generate new revenue.


In today's O2O practice, the focus is on local life, especially family life, including cleaning, takeaways, laundry, beauty salons and nails. This continuously subdivided life service brings a lot of convenience to users, but the problem brought by vertical operation is that users need to make comparison selection among at least several hundred O2O service providers, which greatly increases the user’s choice and The cost. The intention of O2O is to save users money and time, but the extreme decentralization of services makes users worry about at least saving time.


From the vertical path of O2O, we can see that this path is exactly the same as that of the e-commerce industry. When Jingdong sells 3C, Dangdang sells books, and Suning Guomei sells electrical appliances... Nowadays, major e-commerce companies have all come together in a comprehensive and platform-oriented development. It can be seen that comprehensiveness and platformization will also be the future development direction of O2O on-site service.


In the field of O2O, which is large and complex and whose output value is as high as RMB 1 trillion, platformization is an inevitable trend. Platformization, in addition to being able to provide one-stop service for users with a simple and clear entrance, thus saving a lot of time, there is also an important advantage is that standardization services can be achieved as much as possible. Standardization services can be divided into two aspects: price and service. Platformization of service concentration can directly connect users and laborers, eliminating all intermediate Gary processes and allowing users to enjoy high-quality services at a lower cost. In terms of services, platform-based service integration can provide standardized service content. Such as laundry, alone in a city there is Linlin total service, so many laundry services, it is difficult to provide standardized services for customers, customers naturally difficult to compare and judge, and platform-based service integration can be done.


O2O, a brand-new model that allows offline services to become the value of Internet product and technology innovation, is also fermenting and spreading throughout the Internet industry. O2O's on-site service platform enables more people to enjoy the highest quality O2O services and enjoy “lazy life” in the fastest way and at the lowest price.


Connected Online focuses on the field of mobile Internet and is dedicated to bringing value to the industry for the industry. The launch of a good-site O2O on-site service platform provides users with comprehensive, platform-based services. It integrates service portals for centralized integration, saves money while saving time for users, and provides one-stop quality in the true sense. service.

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