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NetEase Report: "Elaborately Layout "Internet +", Connected Online to Qiantang"

At the two sessions this year, "Internet Plus" was formally incorporated into the national top-level design. The Chinese government's favorable and vigorous support has played a huge role in the development of the mobile Internet. As the leading mobile Internet O2O company in China, Interconnection Online responds positively to the government's call, and with the gratitude of the service industry and service society, closely follows the “Internet +” weathervane, and will conduct a meticulous and comprehensive strategic layout for the East China region.


The Internet headquarters is located in Shenzhen, with branches and technical R&D centers in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai and Changsha. As a company with innovative spirit and pragmatic style, Connected Online has always led the industry with leading technical strength and market influence. Over a decade of experience in enterprise-class market services, Internet has accumulated a huge amount of resources, combined with the success of the business model exploration after the strategic focus shifted to the mobile Internet O2O platform in March 2013, making online connected networks more popular with capital.


Hangzhou is the only "China's e-commerce capital" and is also the national e-commerce center of the State Council's "Yangtze River Delta Regional Planning." Internet-connected decision makers believe that Hangzhou’s private economy is developed, its entrepreneurial soil is fertile, its natural environment is beautiful and livable, it is located in the Yangtze River Delta, backed by Shanghai’s location advantages and convenient transportation, and the advantages of talented universities and colleges make Hangzhou similar. Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial innovations have an inherent advantage. The establishment of a branch office in Hangzhou will be of great significance to the long-term development of the Internet.


In the past two years, massive physical stores and traditional enterprises have seen explosive growth. The high operating costs, the strong dependence of personnel, the inability to keep up with the inventory flow, and the inconvenient purchases are all pain points for traditional companies, and they are also a direct factor for traditional enterprises to be shot directly on the beach in the “Internet+” wave.


The future "Internet +" online and offline integration and coordination is the industry's innovation breakthrough, the offline entity + online platform will become a necessary channel for emerging consumption. "Internet +" will dominate the future economic trends and fully radiate to all walks of life. This time entering Qiantang is a major event in the online "Internet +" strategic layout.


The online online decision-making level stated that based on Hangzhou, the strategic layout of the development of the East China region has fully taken into account the unique advantages and importance of Hangzhou in terms of capital integration, investment integration, and other aspects. Entering Qiantang will provide outstanding contributions to further promote the rapid development of connected online and consolidate the company's leading position in the industry.

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