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Good site: O2O on-site service platform emerged

This year, Prime Minister Li Keqiang mentioned in his government work report that it is necessary to encourage mass consumption, and to make use of the Internet as the carrier, and the emerging consumption of online and offline interactions is booming. The government work report has always been a benchmark for the development of the national economy and industry. O2O has been included in the government work report, reflecting the Chinese government's encouragement and support attitude towards O2O industry development.


After observing, in the "Internet +" strategy, O2O can be said to be the most involved area of ​​business, such as home delivery service 58 home, Yun Jia Zheng, love chef, e bag wash, etc.; online ticketing US group cat's eye, WeChat movies Tickets, etc.; glutinous rice for eating and drinking, public comments, hungry, etc.; Baidu maps for travel services, taxis, etc.; real estate service platform for Aiwu and Wuzi, and so on...


There are too many cases of O2O on-site service, and an O2O on-site service has already begun. In the era of rapid development of the mobile Internet, more and more consumers can complete shopping directly through mobile phones. This trend has brought great impact to traditional physical stores, and more and more physical stores are catching up with the trend. Join the army of O2O e-commerce. In the face of more and more O2O on-site service emerged in the field of life services, the clothing industry, catering industry, wedding photography industry, home economics industry, automotive industry and other service industry stores are also unable to sit still, gearing up hope in this trend. Take a slice. But even with this idea, how do you get started?


The "good site" of the Internet's online products can help physical stores and entrepreneurs solve this problem. The current era is easy to homogenize or iterate. The core of life services is to provide users with differentiated needs. Good site is a mobile internet marketing tool dedicated to O2O on-site service to help businesses establish on-site service platforms. According to customer needs, help merchants to start O2O on-site service and provide payment channels, expand the business from the line. Good site also provides merchants with mobile big data marketing and management platform to help merchants manage customers and win new growth points.


Business changes every day, and its changes will never wait. O2O on-site service has been in full swing under the general trend of the times. The time before you may be the opportunity that others missed yesterday. Good site, let you stand better!

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