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Capital sought after O2O in 2015


As “Internet Plus” is promoted as a national development strategy, the entire O2O industry will have a rapid growth period of nearly 10 years, and it will be a huge bonus period in the next 2-3 years. And this is why more and more capital is madly chasing the O2O industry.


The density of O2O industry capital events and the amount of capital integration influence the O2O market more and more. Many companies, such as betting and taxis, “hungry”, and Beibei, have recently completed the financing of hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars. What’s more, such as the Wowo Group, started the IPO to realize financing and succeeded on April 8 this year. Dak is listed on the market.


A number of O2O companies have also begun to generate the intersection of capital and business. For example, Tencent has invested in, public comments, and hungry. The public comment has also invested in hungry and big mouths. Each company holds its core competencies while complementing other companies' resources and flows.


Capital has important value and significance for the development of O2O industry. Financing is the most direct and basic function of capital. It effectively solves the problem of capital bottlenecks for O2O companies and promotes the integration and upgrading of the entire industry chain. And the injection of capital will enable companies to rapidly increase brand influence through brand-building measures across the region.


O2O has a relatively high valuation, even reaching a one-billion-dollar level of financing. On the one hand, this is a heavy-asset industry. The promotion of offline business requires a lot of manpower costs and requires a lot of financial support. On the other hand, such heavy assets have also formed a high threshold. Once companies have established a firm footing, they will have monopolistic advantages, making it difficult for latecomers to enter.


O2O industry has entered the era of ever-changing integration. The constant infusion of capital's mad pursuit will bring a profound reform to the O2O industry with the goal of industrial clustering for a period of time. After thorough adjustment and adjustment, the O2O industry will enter a broad road.


As the darling of capital, Interconnect Online is about to complete a new round of financing. Strong financial power will certainly help the Internet to bloom in the O2O trend!


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