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Internet trends online by industry trends

During the two sessions, the topic of the Internet triggered widespread concern among delegates. In recent days, Premier Li Keqiang has particularly emphasized that it is necessary to make the emerging consumer O2O flourish. It is not difficult to see that the government attaches great importance to the Internet industry, especially the emerging field of O2O, and O2O companies will benefit in the future.


As an interconnected online person, we are very excited and have a deeper understanding of the forward-looking and extraordinary courage of corporate leaders at the time of corporate transformation two years ago. In March 2013, under the industry environment where O2O marketing was not yet established, Connected Online took the initiative to capture mobile marketing opportunities and became the first self-service O2O big data marketing platform in China. One step ahead, one step ahead, in today's hot O2O market environment, we can not only sway freely, but also able to force the impact of the capital market.


Among the listed companies, there are quite a few enterprises involved in O2O business. BAT is based on O2O's advantages in its main business. The O2O business of Ctrip and Volkswagen also does a good job, but the main business of these companies is not O2O. It can be said that the current O2O field is indeed no listed company.


Connected Online is a team with a strong internet company market gene. With 13 years of experience in enterprise-level market services, Connected Online has sufficient insight and judgment on the mobile Internet enterprise-class market and accumulated huge corporate users. market. From scratch, to the good site O2O mall cloud platform, we spent a full decade. "Ten years of grinding a sword", launched a good site O2O Mall cloud platform for a short period of one year, we have already harvested millions of users. Whether it is online or offline, we all have plenty of resources to support it.


Zhou Ming, an Internet-connected online CEO, said: “We are doing a destiny business, not just the optimization of the traditional business model, but we must also contribute our value to the industry and the value of the industry chain. , and then with the industry and industry growth to win the future to win benefits.” With the gratitude for businesses to bring value to the community, coupled with the success of business exploration, let us get the favor of capital. In May 2013, Connected Online obtained A round of venture capital investment. In November 2014, it received B round of venture capital investment, which enabled the company to have strong financial strength as a support.


Unlike group purchase, public comment network's platform-centric, O2O's online marketing platform is based on businesses. In the online marketing platform, merchants can rely on WeChat, Weibo, LINK and other social tools to achieve more diverse promotion channels. The platform is committed to permanently opening new customers, transforming potential customers, and maintaining old customers for small, medium and micro businesses. It also provides merchants with marketing systems such as big data marketing technology, chain management, group purchase auctions, agency sales, and smart skills trading. Bring a win-win situation to all parties.


"If a worker wants to do good, he must first sharpen his tools." Interconnection online precipitation for ten years, whether it is resources, funds, or products, have gradually improved, in the next two years, is the same dream of all connected online people.

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