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Internet connection: catching up on the "Internet +" outlet

From the 2015 China IT Leadership Summit that has just ended, it is not difficult for us to see that a hurricane storm that has affected all sectors and industries will come again.


Since the beginning of the two sessions this year, the "Internet +" has become increasingly fierce. The IT leaders summit has also played a role in fueling this trend. The industry trend in the future is a big convergence. When such a hurricane strikes us, we have ushered in the greatest opportunity and the biggest challenge, which is to make the Internet economy work, and the Internet economy is the perfect integration of traditional industries and IT industries. If the Internet companies can not perfectly integrate with traditional industries, they will not live well. Similarly, if those traditional companies do not integrate with Internet technologies and ideas, they will die.


Today, whether it is selling a car, selling a house, or even selling a spicy strip, everyone has seen the tuyere. They are all squeezing toward the tuyere and all want to take advantage of it. Even if someone used to have nothing to do with the Internet and did the most traditional industry, how can we do better now from an industry perspective? We must also think of the Internet. We must also use the means of the Internet to use these means to make valuable things. For Internet, to catch the slog, all we do is to provide all traditional businesses with basic marketing tools so that they can better integrate with the mobile Internet, fly higher, and fly more safely. This is also the original intention of the Internet. From scratch, to the good site O2O on-site service platform on the line, we spent 10 years, on-line service in a short period of one year, millions of businesses.


Any company that catches the air should focus its efforts on the areas where we are best at. It is not just the optimization of the business model. What we should do more is that we can bring value to the industry and the industry chain, and make contributions. Then we can win the future with the development trend of the industry and industry.


They all said, "The pigs can fly on the air," but what I want to say is that although the pigs can fly, they die when the wind passes. I believe that as a company, it is hoped that it will be able to do so for a long time. It will never say that it is willing to be a pig that has died. Therefore, the Internet is thinking more about building a ladder for companies that want to take off, or installing a pair of wings. We hope to become the most suitable partner for more companies.


In the air, the online online task is to provide merchants with a free site O2O on-site service platform to help businesses improve their business, improve the ecological environment, make our contribution to the development of businesses, and promote the entire industry.

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