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Connected Online Raises a New Wave of Gold Rush

Like the steam power technology 100 years ago and the steam engine technology 200 years ago, the depth of the Internet has changed people’s lives and will have a huge, far-reaching and widespread impact on the human economy and society. Today, the universal use of the mobile Internet constitutes a new way of life for people. Interconnect Online focuses on the mobile Internet enterprise market and provides mobile internet marketing tools specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. It brings new rounds of opportunities to merchants with great innovation.


The "Internet + Research Report" lists industries that will be transformed by the Internet, such as retail, wholesale, manufacturing, foreign trade, finance, agriculture and logistics. Obviously, these industries will not stop. The Internet + X, X will tend to infinity. Bring us unlimited imagination. When people are liking the scenes of future life, a vigorous industrial transformation is under way. The “Internet+” process is also the process of transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Whether we believe it or not, the mobile Internet will, in a very short period of time, force each traditional industry to find zero-sum choices between deeply integrating into the mobile Internet or having nothing to do with the mobile Internet. Each industry will be forced to find a mobile Internet environment. The ultimate way of survival.


However, under the "Internet +" background, the key to entrepreneurship and innovation is to find real pain points. The rising cloud and big data are giant eco-games, BAT is already clear; while the sinking O2O has brought a lot of opportunities for emerging companies in emerging markets.


Then, for the Internet that has 13 years of experience in serving enterprise-level markets, the key point of entrepreneurial innovation lies in: targeting the gray areas of Ali-based platform services, and serving as a localized living service platform. We know that the enterprise market for mobile internet has arrived, and the marketing demands of small, medium and micro enterprises have become a huge market just needed.


Interconnect Online focuses on the O2O marketing platform operations of small and medium micro businesses, and provides mobile internet marketing tools specifically for small and medium micro businesses. There are 43 million small and medium-sized enterprises in China, of which only one-fifth is the information-based company and three quarters of the 020 demand. However, for many SMEs, they do not need a PC site at all, they do not need Taobao, and they do not need to sell products to the whole country. They only need to serve their products in nearby communities. First, because of their limited throughput, The second is because of the limited range of service diameters.


For the apparel industry, catering industry, wedding photography industry, home economics industry, automotive industry and other service industries, it is mainly to serve the surrounding communities. As long as the market is well within the scope of radiation, it can create new benefits. This need for pain points is not only for the Internet, but also for most SMEs.


Connected online mobile internet + traditional industries to help one industry mobile internet. Mobile Internet + Retailing, Online Retailing Delivers Domestic Demand Potential; Mobile Internet + Wholesale Industry, Industrial Cluster Online Transformation; Mobile Internet + Manufacturing, Accelerated Flexible Production; Mobile Internet + Foreign Trade, Cross-Border E-commerce Rising; Mobile Internet + Agriculture The old trees have sprouted; mobile internet + finance, dreams of inclusive finance have come true; mobile internet + logistics, e-commerce logistics have risen...


At any time, business is developing. If it does not advance, then the Internet will be a force and it will have a huge impact on 360 lines in the future. It is only fast and slow. No longer hesitate to take a good look at the road ahead of you. You are as great as your career. You are as young as your dream. Internet is going with you to Taojin Lu.

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