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Connected online: "Internet +" to "Internet x"

Since the new economic concept of the “Internet Plus” of the two associations was clearly upgraded to a national strategy in 2015, the O2O popularity has once again increased. It has continued to radiate from the past in the Internet technology circle and the traditional industry with innovative consciousness and spread to all walks of life. Interconnected Internet is closely following the “Internet Plus” opportunity, interconnected online cloud platform and good site O2O on-site service platform. It integrates the Internet and traditional industries, and enables the “Internet+” business model to achieve multiplier effect and achieve “Internet x”.


The interconnected online cloud platform is based on the vertical industry O2O big data marketing cloud platform. Help companies to achieve the perfect combination of traditional industries and mobile Internet information technology. Integrate industry and upstream and downstream resources, branding and chain marketing, and increase market share. Bringing together businesses and consumers within the industry, the virtual entity opens up, pushes accurate information, differentiates targeted marketing, and improves marketing efficiency. Increase platform traffic, conversion rate, secondary purchase rate, activity level, increase the intangible value of corporate brands, and increase corporate valuation. Create industry brands and help companies obtain government subsidies.


The connotation of "Internet Plus" is not just to stay at the level of the industry. With the continuous evolution and promotion of the Internet itself, simple additions cannot achieve the desired results. The only real impetus for industrial change is the “Internet X” leapfrog innovation. The "Mobile Internet + LBS + O2O + Big Data" approach is the catalyst for the realization of "Internet +" to "Internet X."


Interconnecting online focuses on the field of mobile Internet, and it has always been our goal to fully penetrate the field of life services. The evolution and development of the mobile Internet itself, as well as the insistence of service businesses and service communities, have driven Internet connectivity to continue. For us, "Internet Plus" is the means, and "Internet X" is the result we have to do.

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