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Connected online: "Internet +" outlet, we take you to fly

"Internet +" was regarded as a national development tactic in the two sessions, it instantly became popular in the business sector. Then, what is the significance of the development of "Internet +"? How does it affect the direction of future social economy and business models for the future? What is the role that Internet will play in the “Internet +” outlet?


What does "Internet +" mean?


In the simplest terms, “Internet+” refers to the Internet plus a traditional industry. For example, Taobao is an “Internet+Farmer Market”, Baidu is “Internet+Small Advertising”, Tencent is an “Internet+Video Game Hall” and so on. "Internet +" represents an industry advancement. Without changing the nature of the industry, it enhances the industry's capabilities and efficiency. It indicates the restructuring and upgrading of business models, consumption models, service models, and production models. The industry reshapes new labor production, reorganizes organizational structures, and recasts work processes.


"Internet +" come from?


With the in-depth application of the Internet, especially the deep penetration of the mobile Internet into production, life, and social economy, a new generation of information technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and LBS functions as the extension and development of the Internet, and are continuously being applied to social practice. . In this case, "Internet +" was born.


Since the rise of Taobao in 2003, the era of traditional physical channels as kings has ceased to be a reality. At a time when PC e-commerce is becoming more and more prosperous, the mobile internet has suddenly emerged, gradually taking away the market position of PC e-commerce. "Internet +" has gradually eliminated the enterprise-centric production and sales pattern. The new consumer-centric economic pattern has become the mainstream trend.


"Internet +" how can?


In 2014, it was the peak period of mass physical stores and traditional enterprises. The high operating costs, the strong dependence of personnel, the inability to keep up with the inventory flow, and the inconvenient purchases are all pain points for traditional companies, and they are also a direct factor for traditional enterprises to be shot directly on the beach in the “Internet+” wave. According to data from McKinsey & Company, 72% of consumers expect to be returned under online shopping. 56% of consumers expect to be able to collect goods online and offline, and 55% of consumers expect to be able to download coupons online for use in physical stores. There are still 31% expecting to scan QR code orders. From this we can easily see that the future of online and offline integration and coordination is the industry's innovation breakthrough, offline entity + online platform will become a necessary channel for emerging consumption.


"Internet +" will dominate the future economic trends and fully radiate to all walks of life. Doing "Internet Plus" may not be better, but it is undoubted that it will not be "Internet +".


Connected online: "Internet +" outlet, we take you to fly


Connected Online is a team with powerful Internet enterprise-class market genes. With 13 years of experience in enterprise-level market services, Connected Online has sufficient insight and judgment on the mobile Internet enterprise-class market and accumulated huge corporate users. market. As the main product, the connected online cloud platform has been perfect. Bringing products to the extreme and bringing a good service experience to businesses and customers is a tireless pursuit of the Internet.


Connected online cloud platform helps companies to achieve the perfect combination of traditional industries and mobile Internet information technology. Integrate industry and upstream and downstream resources, branding and chain marketing, and increase market share. Bringing together businesses and consumers within the industry, the virtual entity opens up, pushes accurate information, differentiates targeted marketing, and improves marketing efficiency. Increase platform traffic, conversion rate, secondary purchase rate, activity level, increase the intangible value of corporate brands, and increase corporate valuation. Create industry brands and help companies obtain government subsidies.


There is a good saying: “Without a skill, how can we mix the rivers and lakes?” Whether it is a leading enterprise in various industries or a small and medium micro-business, when the “Internet +” hurricane strikes, it is necessary to find a way to let The medium for enterprise upgrades and transformations, and interconnected online is a wonderful choice.

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