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Internet-connected online O2O cloud platform promotes jewelry industry "Internet +"

At the Third Session of the Twelfth National People's Congress in March 2015, Premier Li Keqiang also put forward the "Internet +" action plan for the first time in the government work report, which means that "Internet +" has become a national strategy, and traditional industries will enter the Internet ecology on a large scale. Chains form a new business model. The opportunity of combining online “Internet Plus” with traditional industries has been actively deployed and the vertical industry has been developed to create an online O2O marketing cloud platform for online marketing. With an innovative attitude, it has promoted the upgrading of the jewelry industry's Internet.


The traditional jewellery industry has a long history on the road to business management. A stable and feasible business method has been formed. However, due to the problems of the times, people's habits are gradually changing, and the passenger flow in the jewelry industry under the line has been greatly reduced. The jewelry industry has encountered unprecedented difficult. The business concept of Internet+ is an industry solution that enables merchants in the jewelry industry to combine cloud platforms, allowing merchants in the jewelry industry to apply big data, mobile marketing, and targeted customer CPM promotion. In the traditional business model, the mobile Internet marketing optimization has been done. In addition, the connected online cloud platform opened up the supply chain financial services, combined with the jewelry merchants transaction data to do financial lending services.


Today's jewelry brands in the market are all relying on traditional offline operations to gradually accumulate. To implement the “Internet+” transformation, a new business model combining online and offline is formed. They also lack experience, lack of technology, and lack of platforms. The big data marketing cloud platform created on the go is just for them to solve many annoyances and help their development in the "Internet Plus" era.


Jewelers can start to use the connected online mobile internet cloud platform to combine big data analysis with customers, marketing customers, and increase customers' secondary spending and stickiness through activities and promotions. The O2O marketing cloud platform will make traditional business promotion models for the jewelry industry. The in-depth optimization, centered on jewelers, has been promoted to customers' mobile phones that are 3 kilometers away. The platform has opened up all API interfaces for providing mobile advertising services. It can interact with potential customers in a convenient, fast, and economical way. Jewelers can display their products in their own marketing cloud platform with 3D effects. Through the relatively low-cost marketing of the mobile internet, customers can be introduced to the offline experience store to experience the consumption. Of course, consumers can also perform the mobile phone directly. Choose, simulate try-on and pay, so that the physical store is no longer completely subject to the amount of traffic, but also reduce the size, reduce service personnel, in order to save costs. Now the main consumers of the market are the 80s and 90s. They are pursuing individuality and like differentiation. The exclusive customization will have a big market. Combined with the C2B marketing game, customers can aggregate demand and make orders based on Products can be provided to the market. You can use the online online cloud platform combined with the bank fund model. You can provide funds for high-end customers to purchase third-party banks, so as to achieve preferential treatment. One can allow third-party large companies to make brand books for merchants. Secondly, You can get the return of the fund's profits, through a variety of marketing techniques, you can let jewelers enjoy the value of the Internet + business model. In addition, the authenticity of the jewellery can be verified by the user directly through the mobile phone, and the appraisers can also be ordered to visit the nearest shop or to experience the identification of the nearest shop. The cloud platform brings new opportunities for the jewellery industry.


With its strong technical strength, Interconnect Online will firmly grasp the "Internet +" opportunity to create personalized features for jewelry merchants, increase sales channels, retain old customers, develop new customers, and enable traditional jewelers to succeed in the era of Internet economy. Transformation, embark on a new course of development!

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