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Interconnection online pushes beauty industry to achieve industrial upgrading

In the era of Internet economy, information resources, information technology, and information network operating platforms are becoming the dominant elements of economic and social development. Networking is becoming the dominant method of social life. Users' "necessity for life" and "pursuing the nature of the United States" have spawned the vigorous development of the beauty industry. When the beauty industry meets the Internet, coupled with the entrepreneurs' participation and the promotion of capital, the Internet promotes the beauty industry to achieve industrial upgrading.


According to the “China Beauty Economics Annual Report,” it shows that in the next five years, the total revenue of the Chinese beauty service industry will exceed 400 billion yuan. The Chinese beauty industry is currently experiencing a period of rapid growth in the market, with only 78% of the new stores opened in the last five years. In the Internet era, the beauty industry has also seized the opportunity to integrate itself into the Internet with great enthusiasm. This is not only because the boundaries of various industrial sectors have been broken in the era of the Internet economy and they have intervened to form a new type of competitive cooperation, but also because of beauty. The industry needs to rely on the Internet to rely on Internet "big data, cloud computing, platform, mobile Internet" technology to promote business transformation.


It's a good idea to cut into O2O from the US, but if you want to become the next flash point after the taxi market and subvert the consumer model, you need to start by increasing the stickiness of high-quality users and getting through the payment transaction. Potential customers also allow consumers to enjoy good services and experiences. The connected online O2O beauty industry platform provides free O2O mall services for beauty clubs and improves the service mode of beauty malls, making it easier for consumers to make appointments, manage membership cards, pay for payments, and interact with others. For beauty clubs, it can also have a business big data analytics platform that can freely analyze the user's shopping habits, consumption records, usage records, etc. According to these data, it can purposely push information promotions to users. In addition, merchants can easily manage the goods, finances, membership, and storefronts of directly-operated stores and franchise stores, and settle settlements based on different ways of joining, which can flexibly handle franchise management. The big data analysis and precise marketing of the connected online mobile mall self-service cloud platform achieves a win-win situation for both the platform and the merchant, and helps the company to take the initiative in the era of mobile e-commerce.


The online O2O marketing platform of the online beauty industry has achieved greater marketization, greater market share and higher penetration rate for the industry. Compared with traditional storefronts, online services remove links from store sales and use clear prices to allow customers to consume and transparently use their own budgets, removing all intermediate and non-value added links. As a result, enhancing the consumer's experience increases the user's viscosity. Add WeChat attention, WeChat marketing allows users to take the initiative to focus on, based on the LBS positioning system, can accurately push information to consumers. In addition to enjoying services, female consumers also have a strong need for sharing services. For example, they have done a satisfactory SPA and hope to receive attention and evaluation from others. The natural characteristics of enjoying the “Shai” and love sharing provide a way for the beauty club to stick well with these high-quality users. It is to build a community to increase the repurchase rate, and to play the role of the old customers to drive new customers into the market.


Under the new situation, the Internet is undergoing deep integration with traditional industries and creating a new development ecology. How to adapt to the new format of the "Internet Plus" is a question that traditional industries need to think deeply. With 12 years of experience in enterprise-class market services, Connected Online helps the beauty industry move smoothly into the fast lane of innovation and open up a new page in the beauty industry.

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