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Internet+: Connected Internet promotes auto service industry upgrade

In the 2015 government work report, “Internet Plus” was formally incorporated into the national top-level design. The Chinese government's strong support and goodwill will play a huge role in the development of the mobile Internet. In the future, China's economy will undergo a complete transition to the Internet economy. All companies will be Internet companies. The competition of enterprises will also shift from offline to online.


"Internet +" dominates the future trend of the industry


The rapid development of the Internet, from the PC side to the mobile Internet, is based on the status of LBS location services in the Internet is also rising, WeChat, Momo, Sina Weibo and so on. There are more than 780 million GPS-enabled smart phones in the world. According to the survey, 94% of smart phone users are looking for local information. More than 76% of respondents said they hope to provide local services. LBS location service has penetrated To the entire mobile internet. The O2O marketing model has become the gospel for all offline industries. Big data and cloud computing have become the foundation of all connections and intelligence.


All Internet companies can use the "Internet +" to describe, Taobao is the "Internet + farmers market," Baidu is "Internet + small advertising," Tencent is "Internet + video game hall" and so on. The essence of “Internet+” is the most fundamental thing in the industry, and its essence is the optimization tool of business model. This tool is something that any business needs to master. Otherwise, in the industry competition, others have done what you did not do. As long as there is a collision, it means that someone else's “aircraft cannons” hit your “millet plus rifle” and the end result is self-evident. .


The traditional 4S shop will worry


According to the data, at the end of 2014, the number of civilian vehicles in the country reached 154.47 million vehicles (including 3.72 million for three-wheeled vehicles and low-speed trucks), of which the number of private cars was 125.84 million, and the number of civilian cars was 83.07 million, of which private cars were 75.9 million. Vehicle. While many families have become increasingly convenient in their lives, vehicle maintenance and maintenance have also become more and more problematic.


Many consumers choose 4S stores as their first choice when choosing maintenance. However, due to the time and place of appointments and various types of value-added services, traditional 4S shops have failed to place consumers in the market. In addition, Bosch Automotive, SAIC, Taobao, and even Michelin tires and other giants have entered the automotive aftermarket repair and maintenance market, snatch food market cake, the future of traditional 4S shop worrying.


Transforming the "Internet Plus", the market after car service will be a great opportunity


4S shop has the advantage of having high-end services. However, in general, 4S stores are mostly maintained in a closed state. The owner cannot see the actual maintenance of the vehicle and is often in a weak position in the bargaining process. After the transition, the 4S shop can precisely solve the above door service. These pain points. For car owners, the seemingly mysterious high-end service, after being transformed by the Internet business model, has also become transparent and touchable, allowing car owners to enjoy services more willingly and at ease.


One of the biggest disadvantages of traditional 4S stores is that the maintenance of the back end supports the front-end sales service, which makes the maintenance cost of the owner high, and the Internet can instantly eliminate the cost of sales services, making the price a tool to attract customers.


As the "Internet +" trend has become more and more severe, some auto dealer groups have begun to transform themselves. By integrating resources, they will turn their 4S stores into offline outlets and use existing offline resources to market their O2O cloud. The platform will push information such as car samples, preferential activities, one-click assistance, test drive reservations, maintenance, etc. to attract customers into the store and increase the secondary store rate. Realize industrial upgrading.


Some people may think that after traditional companies do "Internet +," they may offend suppliers, existing channels, and some end users. This is the famous "Nokia trap." Why did Nokia fall to this day? When someone inside Nokia wants to make a cheaper smartphone, someone quits and is afraid to offend a large number of feature machine suppliers. The smart machine is a little cheaper than Apple but it is so versatile that the old users are not satisfied. As a result, Nokia died.


Connected Online: professional things left for professional platforms to do


How important is "Internet +"? In a word, doing "Internet +" may not be successful, but it is not necessarily a matter of death. It is only a matter of early death and late death. Therefore, choosing a marketing tool that can perfectly solve the business "Internet Plus" is essential.


Connected Online is a team with a strong internet company market gene. With 13 years of experience in enterprise-level market services, Connected Online has sufficient insight and judgment on the mobile Internet enterprise-class market and accumulated huge corporate users. market. From scratch, to the online online cloud platform on the line, we spent a full decade, can be described as "a decade of sword."


Different from group purchase and public comment network, the platform is the center, and the online online cloud platform is based on the business. Merchants can rely on WeChat, Weibo, LINK, and other social tools to achieve more diverse channels for promotion and truly realize multi-win-win situations.

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