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Connected Online First-Stop O2O Cloud Marketing Campaign

Under the background that BAT gradually penetrates various fields, the 2B market is becoming the new layout direction of BAT. Despite this, Zhou Ming is quite confident about the competitive advantage of the Internet. With 12 years of experience in enterprise-level market services, Zhou Ming has sufficient insight and judgment on the mobile Internet enterprise-class market.


Interconnect Online Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. CEO Zhou Ming

In 2014, it was a special year for the mobile Internet industry. With Ali's 11th Shopaholic Festival ending successfully, people were amazed at the record turnover of 57.1 billion. When they refreshed their records again, they also noticed another set of data: the wireless end of the 57.1 billion turnover contributed 24.4 billion, accounting for 42.6%. The year-on-year growth rate was almost twice as fast as last year. For the enterprise-level market of the China Mobile Internet, which is in the hot development momentum, it is ushering in the first year of development.


In this context, for China's Internet companies, the rapid completion of the transition to the mobile Internet era seems to be the only way to go. In this transitional process, China’s Internet Army is also facing unprecedented pressure and challenges.


As the late 80s founder of Internet entrepreneurship, Zhou Ming, Shenzhen Internet Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “internet online”), which he leads, has a personal understanding of the transformation of Internet companies.


The Three Entrepreneurial Roads Driven by Mobile Internet


Interconnect Online was established in 2006. Initially, Interconnect Online focused on Internet technology research and development to provide companies with Internet SAAS technical services. As the leading SAAS platform technology in China, Internet has served Kingdee, Skyworth, Malata, China Investment Securities and other famous companies. As a pioneering enterprise with innovative spirit and pragmatic style, Connected Online has become the most dynamic and brand-valued leadership enterprise in the industry with leading technical strength and market influence.


Since March 2013, Interconnect has taken a transformational path, transforming from an Internet technology company to a mobile internet platform operator. The online positioning after the transformation is: O2O marketing platform operations for small and medium micro businesses. In the 020 marketing industry environment that has not yet been established, Interconnect Online is taking the initiative to seize the initiative of mobile marketing and become the first self-service O2O big data marketing cloud platform in China.


As the maker of the company's strategy, Zhou Ming admits that the reason for the transformation is "the advent of the mobile Internet enterprise market, the marketing demands of small, medium and micro enterprises have become a huge market just needed."


In fact, with the rise of mobile marketing, 020 marketing is becoming the main marketing method for the majority of small, medium and micro enterprises.


“China has 43 million small and medium-sized enterprises, of which only one-fifth is the information-based company, and three-fourths of the 020 demand.” Zhou Ming explained to the investment community why the development is aimed at small, medium and micro enterprises.


"Small and medium businesses do not need Taobao or Tmall. They only need to serve a few kilometers around the area. This piece is the grey area of ​​the Ali system platform service." Zhou Ming explained, "For example, a beauty salon, it only needs to know it. Where is the customer, how to find customers in the surrounding needs." In this regard, Zhou Ming's insight is that for small and medium businesses, what is needed is localized marketing.


This insight is related to Zhou Ming's three entrepreneurial experiences. The third-party payment area that Zhou Ming once operated, served 15,000 B2C merchants and realized 20 billion dollars in 6 months. It is on this basis that as a technology company with the largest domestic market share, Internet has accumulated a huge market for corporate users. It is with the vision and operational experience of serving many different industries that Zhou Ming gradually has more observations and reflections on the business models of different companies.


Based on the insights of many business models, Zhou Ming found inspiration from the business models of serviced corporate customers. This provided him with the foundation for mobile Internet entrepreneurship. Zhou Ming believes that the mobile Internet market is divided into individual markets and enterprise-level markets. "Since 2013, mobile marketing has become a mainstream lifestyle for domestic users." Zhou Ming told the investment community, from the market figures, shopping in the first quarter of 2013, Weibo WeChat marketing close to 50% of the share, and to the third quarter This share has exceeded 80%.


As the mobile Internet enters users' mainstream life, the enterprise-class mobile Internet market is becoming the mainstream market for mobile Internet.


1. In the next four years, the revenue growth of the mobile Internet market will exceed 300%. In 2017, it will reach a market share of 700 billion US dollars.


2. China has 42 million SMEs and 75% of businesses have huge O2O marketing services.


3. Target customer groups Mobile internet marketing does not need to be nurtured. With the post-80s becoming the main force of service entrepreneurship, they are growing up using the Internet, so they will use the tools of the mobile Internet to market. ”


"We have ushered in a wave of the mobile Internet enterprise-class market, which is a huge market for us on the Internet." Zhou Ming believes that the next direction of Internet connectivity is 020 cloud marketing for small and medium micro-businesses.


After investigating the small and micro market, Zhou Ming's third venture was to provide 020 marketing services to a large number of small, medium and micro enterprises in China. In October 2013, Connected Online officially launched the self-service O2O mall cloud platform, which generates a micro-mart HTML5 mall, an Android mall, and an iPad/iPhone mall for users.


According to Zhou Ming, the platform is dedicated to permanently opening new customers, transforming potential customers, and maintaining old customers for small and medium micro businesses. The platform not only provides convenient marketing tools for traditional businesses, but also promotes sales channels such as big data marketing technology, chain management, group purchase auctions, agency distribution, smart skill trading, and mobile phone games. Scratch cards, turntables and other interactive modules.


Thus, in eight years, Zhou Ming completed three gorgeous turns of entrepreneurship. In the course of continuous optimization of corporate user marketing programs, the online O2O mall cloud platform has already gained 350,000 users in less than a year.


There are flaws in the platform mode. Mobile marketing needs to make a "social card."


Facts have proven that the transition of online online can be wise. When Interconnect announced the transformation of the mobile Internet enterprise-class market, the domestic 020 market is still in the market exploration period. Although 020 is hot, there is a lack of guides in the small and medium-sized enterprises' enterprise market. This is an opportunity for Internet access. Interconnect Online has firmly grasped this market opportunity, and in May 2013, it received a round of investment in Junkai Capital.


In the mobile Internet era, where capital has frequently appeared, business models have become the trump card attracting the attention and participation of capital.


At the moment when BAT infiltrates all walks of life, it is necessary to highlight the fact that being surrounded by industry giants and finding the market gap has become the core concern of Pathfinder. Especially in the Internet area where food, beverage, and entertainment are used, the group buying model has long won the recognition of the market. However, Zhou Ming believes that group purchase has fatal problems. “Group purchase is a game with merchants. The role of group purchase is to help merchants divert, and we will find that the last business actually does not need to go backwards.”


Zhou Ming believes that each business has a critical point. When the traffic exceeds the service capabilities of the business, the business can not afford such a large amount of traffic. In the end, the platform-centric business model will suffer great development resistance.


Different from group purchase and public comment network, the platform is the center, and the online marketing platform is based on the business. In the online marketing platform, merchants can rely on WeChat, Weibo, LINK and other social tools to achieve more diverse promotion channels.


Distinguish the single promotion method of Taobao platform, the online online marketing platform has the function of cloud computing. “For example, after a user finishes eating, we can analyze and judge whether his next consumer demand is watching a movie or other consumption. We distribute through a marketing channel to help merchants push relevant consumer information to help merchants find customers.” Zhou Ming explained that this Fundamentally avoid the conflict of interests in the business model, and deeply meet the core requirements of the business: in the promotion of its own platform based on the service of good old customers, and expand new customers.


In the current mobile Internet has become the main tool of lifestyle, Zhou Ming is optimistic about the role of two-dimensional code in the future of consumption. “As long as the user scans the QR code, it will leave a trace of information. For merchants, the QR code will retain customers and will not be lost.” To this end, Connected Online is trying to communicate with social channels as the core, relying on big data and The cloud-based 020 Marketing Cloud Platform is dedicated to helping businesses provide diversified marketing services.


Next stop: sprint on the capital market


Since the launch of the O2O Mall Cloud Platform, Connected Online has accumulated nearly 350,000 small and medium sized micro businesses and users across the country including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and near-tier cities. With the overall layout of the domestic market, since 2014, Internet has begun to force the global market layout.


"At the end of the year, we will open up markets in Russia, Vietnam, and Thailand." Zhou Ming told the investment community that because of its ability to cross-border settlements, Connected Online has the first-mover advantage to open up the international market.


Under the background that BAT gradually penetrates various fields, the 2B market is becoming the new layout direction of BAT. Despite this, Zhou Ming is quite confident about the competitive advantage of the Internet. With 12 years of experience in enterprise-level market services, Zhou Ming has sufficient insight and judgment on the mobile Internet enterprise-class market.


Zhou Ming believes that although BAT has the advantages of capital and resources, the industry barriers to the mobile Internet enterprise market are reflected in the concept and perception of the industry. The most critical of these are: genes. "Tencent's failure to become an e-commerce provider and Ma Yun's failure to do so are not related to the team's genes." What makes Zhou Ming proud of is the fact that Interconnect Online has a strong genetic team in the Internet enterprise market. "They understand the mobile Internet." , understand technology, understand business."


The successful exploration of the business model made Internet Online once again gain the favor of capital. From June to November 2014, Interconnect Online obtained JB Capital, Ji Rui Xiang Investment and Hushang Venture Capital Group B Venture Capital.


The recognition of capital made Zhou Ming more and more firm in the direction of the Internet. As the head of the young post-80s enterprise, Zhou Ming stated that the vision of the connected online company is to be listed within 3 years. The next step in the online marketing of the online market is to have 2 million businesses and users in 2015.


With the increasingly frequent use of smart trading platforms, Zhou Ming believes that the business needs of businesses will be more and more, which is a huge opportunity for Internet development. At present, he believes that the most important thing is to achieve the ultimate product. "After all, the product is the life of the Internet company."

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