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How far is O2O from us?

The 2O wheel was pushed forward, and Internet giants, investment institutions, and entrepreneurs were all pushing behind.


On the previous day, I accidentally read the video footage of the e-commerce summit held in 2013. The host actually read O2O (Euro Rabbit) as 020 (Zero-Z), which made me cry and laughter. I hope this is not the version broadcast at that time. . Over the past year, the person who read the mistake should have already realized it. The pace of Internet changes and upgrades is indeed too fast, so many people can not keep up with the rhythm, of course, the final protagonist is still the consumer. So how far is O2O from us?


The concept of supplementing O2O is added here: O2O refers to the combination of offline business opportunities and the Internet, making the Internet a frontline for offline transactions. In layman's terms, it is the process of purchasing on-line reservations, taking delivery of goods online or enjoying services. After the advent of the “WeChat Red Packet” and “Taxi Wars” over the past year, the explosive growth of people using mobile payment has injected a strong impetus for the development of O2O in China. This year's Double 11 Shopping Carnival has just ended. Even rural mothers know the power of e-commerce. The O2O ship was pushed forward, and Internet giants, investment institutions, and entrepreneurs were all pushing in the back.


In the past three years, BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) Three Musketeers have been arranging O2O on your own, apart from frequent M&A cases, they will also commit themselves to doing things, such as Baidu's Philharmonic, Tencent's QQ Group, and Micro Life, Ali's Amoy, etc. Today, Philharmonic has transformed its sales, and Tencent's QQ group purchase and micro-living have also taken a break. I don't know if it's too early to get involved or if O2O is a false proposition. They almost all fall on the path to light, not the pioneers. However, it cannot be denied that BAT shoulders heavy responsibilities on the road leading to O2O, and it also brings us closer to O2O.


The vigorous development of the Internet is inseparable from the capital market's favor for this industry. This is also true for the O2O industry. Investment cases in various industries are blooming. In recent days, Rongchang e bag washing won Tencent's $20 million venture capital investment, O2O industry dark horse Internet Online also received B round of 20 million US dollars of financing, Diye Meng Xing founded beaver home nail art App was even valued 10 100 million yuan was invested and last month, registered network announced high-profile announcements by Tencent Holdings, Qiming Venture Capital, Morningside Venture Capital and other investment of US$100 million. Investment institutions are a bright light, and the direction they are referring to is basically the general trend.


In a service category, Internet projects have always been ranked first and second, and O2O's difference is that it has strong geographical attributes. Therefore, entrepreneurs must deepen their efforts to achieve the bottom of the ground, only to become the first. Capital is the food for entrepreneurs to rush around, and entrepreneurs are pioneers in promoting O2O development.


The last known consumer is always the terminal consumer. When we rush to find a car with no money, the taxi driver will tell you that you can use WeChat to transfer payment; when we are at a store to find something expensive, the salesperson Will tell you to pay 10% off with Taobao payment. O2O came to us like this step by step, and when we feel it, it will give us an amazing surprise. 2015 may be the year of rapid development of O2O. China's O2O pattern has basically taken shape, and we will deeply feel the changes that O2O has brought to our lives. BAT stands in the domain of its own advantages to serve the public. Investment institutions look forward to the season of good harvest. Entrepreneurs also enter a period of stability, and we will enjoy it.

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