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On Lu Zhaokai's Understatement of "Let Farmers Return to the Land"

This year, the transaction volume of the Double 11 Ali hit another record high. For the currently-conservative current Ali CEO Lu Zhaojun, this is clearly beyond his expectations. This can be seen in the 36KR interview with him. In the interview, Lu Zhaoxuan spoke a very popular word, but it was meaningful. In the following strategic layout of Ali, “rural” is an important direction, and “let farmers return to the land” is the ultimate goal.


In this popular remark, Lu did not make a detailed analysis, but simply stated that Ali wanted to solve the problem of supply of agricultural products between urban and rural areas through the Internet. This is a more idealistic and even dreaming proposition. The formation of this differentiated urban-rural structure is not a short-term result. It is not entirely due to economic problems. It may be caused by a combination of cultural, social, educational, and environmental issues. Ali, an e-commerce company, wants to change. This situation is still very difficult, or it is just a piece of clothing covered in the ideal of realism.


Before talking about this, Lu always talked about O2O and focused on the merchants. It is not difficult to see from his sentences the importance he attaches to the needs of the merchants. The O2O entrance layout that Ali did before listing is very likely. It is for merchants, and these merchants are largely referring to offline stores. O2O is an important territory in the future. When Internet giants compete for traffic entrances, some small and medium-sized Internet companies have discovered business opportunities and started the O2O system services for merchants. Among them, the online O2O mobile online store has more than 200,000 small and medium-sized merchants in use. This is exactly the kind of business information internet mentioned in Lu's interview. Investment institutions are also highly sensitive, and recently Interconnection Online has just received 20 million US dollars in B round. Financing.


On the same day, SF founder Wang Wei first disclosed the real intention of the “Shu Store”. The layout of the “Dong Store” is to explore a model that can better serve the C-class customers. The intention is obviously on the O2O road. They have already made plans for further cultivation. O2O is an inevitable trend. Everyone not only understands tacitly, but they are all occupying their seats. So far, the O2O service system that is really centered on merchants has not been very prominent, or it is still in the collection, precipitation, and optimization of data, or there are black horses ready to go.


Lu General’s understatement of “let farmers return to the land” may have multiple meanings. The networking of agricultural supply chains may really be their goal, but it is more like a blueprint, and the more meaning of this sentence is to make the services of merchants. Localization, only businesses most understand the needs of consumers, businesses to serve consumers well, as a platform business will be better Ali.

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