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Fragmentation era: O2O service is the biggest trend

Since the first e-mail was issued in the year of 86, the Chinese Internet has grown from a single point-to-point, point-to-many, many-to-many, and now it has returned to peer-to-peer, from the most basic Mail, Yellow Pages applications to interaction-based searches. Blogs and O2O services are based on the need to communicate, shop, and access information that meets the basic needs of humans. Today, O2O services are based on Web-based, entity-based O2O services.


The current O2O concept boom slowly receded. Suning, the first of the top 500 private companies, positioned O2O. The first thing announced after the listing of Alibaba was to create an O2O ecological chain. O2O has become an indispensable and must be valued for every company. In the face of it, let's imagine that under the trend of the Internet, mobile Internet, and cloud services, each company actually participates in the ecological construction of O2O. For ordinary users, it is fragmented within a limited period of time. Online and offline services will become their most urgent needs.


Under the popularization of smart terminals, we will see that O2O penetrates into every aspect of life. The clothing, food, housing, and transportation in our lives have become more intelligent and convenient. There are Taobao, Tmall, and Jingdong in shopping. There are group purchases, public comments, trips to Ctrip, where to go, and even taxis are dripping. When we enjoyed discounts, conveniences, and presence, a special headache was also created: too many APPs make it difficult for ordinary users to discern, and thousands of APPs make it impossible for ordinary users to install one by one. This lost a lot of the return that should have been obtained.


Just like rushing to obtain information, Baidu was eager to produce Ali, which is an inexpensive product. To share and communicate with friends has resulted in Tencent. In the following market trends and changes, users are also anxious. In order to require a service platform that can achieve great convenience and return in daily life, we can feel the convenience and dividends brought by mobile Internet and O2O in close quarters based on the needs of life in a fragmented time.


In the era of mobile Internet, the time has come for fast fish to eat slow fish. Due to the overwhelming institutional and transformational difficulties of large-scale traditional Internet companies, Mushroom Street Pocket Shopping at the mobile phone terminal has recently successfully raised $350 million in C rounds. Internet from Shenzhen also successfully obtained Series B financing. The conservative estimate of Series C financing will also exceed 100 million U.S. dollars. Ali constructs an ecological chain based on “things”. Next, one can construct an ecological chain based on “O2O services”. , I think it is a member of the next BAT, let us plan to wait!

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