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Double 11 e-commerce ambiguity, O2O drama next year

Tmall's double 11 turnover this year has become a suspense. Will it fall more than last year? The reason is that B2C e-commerce has come to a mature stage, there is no much room for imagination, and next year O2O is the next big show.




Double 11 is no longer Tmall's double 11. Jingdong, Suning, Dangdang and other big e-commerce are all clamoring around, all kinds of creative copywriting is still on the Tmall Road, "in fact, this will make netizens become More rational. These developers may not be able to plug in as many users, but they can at least squeeze out some users. Coupled with this year's Taobao fake scandal exposure, there are quality inspection departments Taobao sample inspection the day before yesterday, the results of three percent of unqualified products, many online shopping enthusiasts have been pushed to the edge of love and hate. In fact, online promotion only promotes consumption in advance or even stimulates consumption, and it does not increase the total consumption from too much. This will only lead to premature consumption and waste. After many irrational consumption, last year's double 11 purchase of socks has not yet finished this year's frustration, the return of nature is the most real need, and O2O is the best place to settle.


So far, the total number of Chinese mobile Internet users has approached 600 million. The level of China's mobile Internet has already been among the highest in the world, but O2O's road has gone a bit harder. On the road to explore O2O, Baidu Philharmonic lived before and Tencent micro life later. It was basically dying on the path of exploration. However, they made great contributions to latecomers and cleared many roadblocks. The Internet that recently acquired B-round financing was a dark horse in the O2O field. When the WeChat ecosystem started to take shape, everyone was doing the development of a third party based on WeChat and even the WeChat O2O mall. The O2O of small and medium-sized micro-businesses in the industry will be the new peak. O2O in the service sector will be favored by huge amounts of capital. It also shows that the spring of O2O is approaching. The taxi application has not yet finished the huge financing to subsidize the track. The car rental application has got this baton again. There are indications that the competition between the O2O track and the user is far from over. When the end is still not known, However, it is not difficult to see from the O2O's top priority areas of eating, drinking and music.


When most people are still immersed in the cheers of Double 11s, the prophets are already setting up the next field for you. When you are tired of obsolete images, O2O will give you another surprise. Next year we will watch the O2O drama together. .

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