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[Online 1001 idea] "The self-purchase product is bought in your own store"

Internet-connected online self-service O2O Mall cloud platform 2.0 upgrade is in full swing! With regard to the upgrading of the platform system, it is necessary to combine the needs of the current 140,000 customers who are using the platform, and to meet the new trend of future development. Product planning managers can be said to be doing their best. There may be 1001 ideas, each of which may be a new trend in the future development of mobile commerce. Today, I share with you one of our product development ideas: "Needs products to buy in their own stores."


"Buy what you need in your own store." Will this be achieved? Let's assume an application scenario:


At 8:00 pm on December 1, 2016, Mr. Zhang wanted to buy a bouquet of flowers for his wife as a wedding anniversary. He took out his newly-purchased Iphone8 mobile phone to find the recently installed new application "Good Site", entered the "flowers" through the search box, and found 580 flower providers. Mr. Zhang clicked on the shop nearest to him and found 10 kilometers from himself. Within the five flower shops within, and then through the shop distribution rebates and points gift the best contrast, he chose a bunch of flowers called "happy actress" to join their own shops. The actual sales price of flowers is 199 yuan. The store has set a 30% rebate promotion. At the same time, the users who purchase the flowers can get 199 points for the platform, which is equivalent to 1.99 yuan. Then the order is purchased and the actual payment is 139.3 yuan. At 5 pm the next day, Zhang received the flowers from the flower shop at home and was very happy to receive the gift. He was appreciated by Mr. Zhang. Afterwards, Mr. Zhang shared his shop's flower links through the WeChat circle of friends, community QQ groups, and the latest social communication groups. He successfully won 2 people's purchases and received a rebate commission of 83.4 yuan for the flower shop. At this time, we recounted Mr. Zhang’s purchase of flowers: 139.3-1.99-83.4=53.91 yuan, that is, Mr. Zhang bought a bouquet of flowers worth 199 yuan at 53.91 yuan. At the same time also won the wife's praise. Haha, this is a matter, is this kind of life wonderful?


For the flower shop in the above scenario, it also benefits. Through Mr. Zhang, he actually sold three flowers and eliminated the cost of rebates and points. Together they earned 447.93 yuan and an average of 149.31 yuan. In this way, the flower shop has gained more business opportunities relative to its peers, and at the same time it has saved a lot of promotion fees, and has also received buyer word-of-mouth publicity.


Haha, this time we have to say that our platform has been developed. The online O2O mall cloud platform, first considered the "cloud" platform based on big data marketing, the key point is that all businesses can live in harmony and coexist. platform. First of all, based on the characteristics of current O2O, there are features of mobile e-commerce to help businesses break through the requirements of online and offline integration. You can generate your own APP and WAP store through one-click online O2O mall cloud platform. Marketing You can bring your customers and friends around to your store to increase your business opportunities.


However, the online cloud platform is not satisfied! In order to meet the needs of different customers and our own vision for the future, we have put forward more requirements and challenges for our platform development. This means that our Cloud Platform 2.0 system must have infinite expansion capabilities. The lofty building rises flat, but it must have a solid foundation as a foundation.


We are now building this solid foundation. We are collecting more ideas that are beneficial to the development of our platform. Our product managers are planning and doing things. If you have a better idea, welcome to contact us.


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