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Connected online marketing concept: micro-marketing, not just WeChat


Micromarketing, I believe everyone is no stranger to it. Driven by Weibo and WeChat, the mobile Internet has become more and more popular. There is a way where the customer is, where the business is, and where the marketing is, so marketing naturally takes the word “micro”. The essence of marketing will not change, but the micro-marketing channels have changed, which has brought a lot of new exploration space and new business opportunities.


Because WeChat is still the hottest nowadays, there have been many companies based on WeChat third-party applications in the past year. When the WeChat official posed a bad attitude towards itself, even emphasizing that he was not a marketing platform, third-party companies abducted WeChat and micromarketing. For the company's public number, such as the micro- official website, micro-activities, micro-members, micro-research, micro-customer service, micro-mart, etc. have been developed, and it can be said that there is no "micro". Regardless of your company's understanding of what a developer account is, based on the public number as a starting point, you must try to bind. It's right to be hot, but hot is not always hot. Just like Tencent had QQ at the time, strong enough, but then there are microblogging, microblogging is very rampant, but now has WeChat, microblogging where to go now. Of course, I believe WeChat's vitality is very strong. But I want to say based on the current situation, micro-marketing, not just WeChat!


1, micro-marketing, WeChat is not the only entrance.


Like the PC side, we can see that the vast majority of traffic is provided by search and portal sites. Our business needs to be a mobile internet business. Naturally, it is not necessarily based on a way of entry. Moreover, based on the micro-marketing of WeChat public number as the starting point, the maintenance of the public number requires a professional copywriter, otherwise the news content of many small and medium-sized enterprises will be updated, and they will not be updated for several months.


In order to enter the mobile internet business, Interconnect Online ( first considered providing a multi-entry marketing platform for merchants. At present, the online self-service O2O mall marketing cloud platform is the first to create HTML5 mall, WeChat mall, Android APP, Apple APP and so on. Allow customers to find businesses in multiple channels.


Whether it is through QR code scanning, or through the WeChat public number, or in the Apple App store or Android market, let customers find you anywhere, anytime. For those who have loyal customers, our customers are willing to install our company's APP application, then make our customers more sticky.


2, micro-marketing, not only to stay in the display and communication, the purpose is to business.


Marketing is a process. Wechat is just a means. The purpose of micromarketing is also to provide businesses with more trading opportunities. All publicity and communication services are for transactions.


Internet access ( is positioning itself as a one-stop mobile e-commerce solution for merchants entering the mobile Internet. Since March 2013, the Internet-based technology has shifted to a mobile internet platform. The years of experience in the development of enterprise-class SAAS platforms have laid a solid foundation for building an O2O mall cloud platform. As a result, the platform was officially launched in May 2013. By the end of 2014, there will be more than 140,000 merchants. The O2O Cloud Platform 2.0 will be launched in September 2014. A third-party API interface will be launched. Third-party developers can develop templates for the platform, develop event applications, and so on, so that merchants can choose from a variety of value-added services.


Micromarketing is not just about WeChat. Just because Wechat is too hot nowadays, and real marketing is only for business services. Mobile commerce in e-commerce needs more entrances, more ways, and more miracles. Let's wait for us to create it.

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