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Internet interpretation of O2O to pay tribute to the new development of mobile e-commerce

Nowadays, with the breakthrough in the usage of nearly 600 million mobile phone users in the Mainland, China Mobile has also achieved new development. Again, this brings new ideas for the development of mobile marketing. For increasingly sophisticated e-commerce, the establishment of online shopping platform has become a good place for people to live shopping. With the rapid growth of mobile phone users, new business models in the era of mobile Internet have also received attention and attention from all walks of life.


As we all know, many IT companies in the development process like meteors across the horizon, fleeting. Faced with such a fiercely competitive market, only by constantly strengthening their hard skills can they become invincible. Founded in 2002, Shenzhen Connect Online Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. has focused on the application and construction of the mobile Internet cloud platform for many years and has successively become a national high-tech enterprise, a dual-software certification company, and a key software company. It has obtained more than 100 software copyrights. Adhering to the company's "compatibility, technology and innovation," enterprise deployment and talent strategies that do not hesitate to hire talented professionals, the company has successfully provided quality services to nearly 100,000 corporate customers. Among them are many large listed companies: Kingdee Group, Skyworth Group, Malata Group, China Investment Securities, Great Wall Fund, Global Stone Group and others. What exactly attracts so many "big names" customers to invest in the Internet branch ( Next we have to decrypt the whole story!


First, break through the bottleneck of traditional commercial and current e-commerce, APP mobile Internet shop full "electric shock"


Interconnect online is based on the insights and analysis of the development of China's Internet and the development of Chinese commerce. It has drawn a major bottleneck in the development of modern e-commerce, which is the traditional business model (store channel) and e-commerce model (online shop). Sales approach. The former is subject to expensive rental of stores, high personnel management costs, large impact on business hours, and natural factors such as the impact of the weather; the latter's e-commerce relies too much on computer terminals (PCs).


Therefore, according to the current situation of these two major commercial forms, the Connected Online Shares are poised to create a mobile APP mobile internet store, tailor-made for the major companies dedicated APP applications for Android mobile phone users and Apple mobile phone users. It is possible for an entity company to have a comprehensive “electric shock” and diverge e-commerce thinking. With mobile phones as the carrier, it will occupy the world of mobile phone users’ shopping through APP mode!


Second, to achieve o2o concept, using HTML5 technology to ensure the flexible operation of APP mobile mall


The mobile mall cloud platform built by Connected Online is the first mobile mall cloud platform that realizes o2o closed-loop and chain enterprise management. It uses the HTML5 technology to develop the mall client to achieve instant scan access without downloading. Interconnect Online provides standard versions, business versions, WeChat editions, and chain enterprise editions for companies in need.


First, super convenience. APP Mobile Internet Mall creates the shortest route for enterprise connection networks, optimizing search, multi-touch and gesture operations. In order to facilitate the use of mobile phone and tablet users, specially designed adapter code, easy to adapt to major mainstream systems, to solve the screen size compatibility issues. Users can open App Store by using WeChat to scan QR code.


Second, powerful functionality. APP mobile internet mall can provide business enterprises with display opportunities such as merchant recommendation and hot products. Through rating lists and text explanations, customers can understand the products more intuitively. Online payment, safe and efficient; logistics inquiries, timely place.


Third, promote accuracy. Through APP's mobile internet mall, Connected Online can also help companies prioritize rankings, turn WEB APP into a mobile phone icon, and view it at any time without having to enter a website address. Combined with outdoor advertising, the audience can quickly find the company's WEB APP through the two-dimensional code on the print advertisement to learn more about the company's promotional content and improve the company's visibility. Of course, there are also timely and accurate pushes for microblogs and text messages to attract customers and provide a 360° strategic layout.


APP's mobile internet mall not only expands the field of development of corporate e-commerce platforms, but also can satisfy the masses of consumers in saving shopping time, reducing waiting queues, and keeping in front of computers. It's easy for people to buy products anytime, anywhere. In the future, APP mobile internet mall will inevitably become a marketing model of a big hot micro-electronics business!

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