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Interconnect online new O2O mode upside down micro mall

Stepping out of the venue of the Tencent WeChat Partner Conference, a group of young friends who use WeChat applications like chicken blood, all seemed to see the dawn of victory. WeChat opened this meeting without fail to make everyone understand that Tencent’s open mindset can be followed by WeChat. Openness has become the slogan of all major Internet companies. At the same time, it has also created a group of hustlers.


Among them, the use of micro-marts is extremely important. As of September 2013, there are no less than 2,000 companies that have developed the WeChat mall nationwide, and only half of the closed-loop shopping malls can be completed. Why do so many people rush to open the micro mall? There is only one reason. WeChat has a large number of users. WeChat is a brand new shopping mall entrance. However, the micro malls are based on the application developed by the WeChat public number API interface. If the public number does not have enough effective fan users, the micro mall is like a treasure box lying in the sea, meaning nothing. This is also a lot of users are most worried about before choosing the micro-mart, afraid to repeat the mistakes of the corporate website, the website is built but no one cares. At the same time, the micro-mart is based on the development of the WeChat platform. Like a Fujiman on a big tree, the sky tree will not allow you to climb. You only have to leave.


Shenzhen Internet ( after nearly a year of research and development, launched a new mobile mall APP, HTML5 cross-platform mobile mall. Do not use WeChat as an entrance, but can simply embed WeChat to obtain WeChat users in reverse and achieve one-time connection. According to data from several leading micro malls in China, more than 60% of end users are using micro malls to implement O2O, and we use WeChat public number content to push for WeChat user orders, and then to offline transactions. The Internet-connected online mobile store is a cross-platform application developed with a business-oriented approach. In addition to being able to operate freely in WeChat, it can also realize online booking, payment, and offline settlement functions in any browser of a mobile device.


The connected online mobile market APP also realized the function customization of the WeChat public number, which fully covered all applications of the Micro Mall and was compatible with multiple environments. Making online and offline interactions smoother, it is not an exaggeration to say that a micro -store is upside down. Said APP is not APP, the multi-entry mode of the online mobile online shopping mall is only to give enterprises more choices of promotion methods, so that users can easily find the entrance, and the portable APP generation method Once again increases the user's viscosity, not every time Find the public number in WeChat, through multiple clicks to reach the mall page.


"Without attachment and freedom," the new online mobile store app on the Internet completely adopted an independent cloud platform and truly implements SaaS. Users do not have to worry about the problems of technology and platform. Users only need to use the practical functions of The software to do their own Business can be, really become a tool for marketing and customer deposits. Instead of turning itself into a marketing guru, the reason is that these internet connections are already done for you.

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