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1、What is cloud hashrate?
Cloud hashrate : also called cloud mining, is usually provided by large-scale mines and other computing power rental services. Users can purchase hashrate contracts directly on the RHY cloud hashrate platform to obtain the digital currency digging by the corresponding hashrate.

2、Why do you want to invest in hashrate, don't you buy a mining machine yourself?
First, compare to investors buying mining machines to mine, hashrate is even more trouble-free. Mainly reflect in the transportation, custody and maintenance will be dealt by the professional teams of the mining machine. The investors will not worry themselves,they can spend time and energy on other things,.Mining will become easily;
Second, reduce costs. There are many other hidden costs for investors to buy their own mining machines, and hashrate investment can be compared to the packaging investment of mining business, which has a cost advantage.

3、Why do investors want to choose RHY cloud hashrate for investment? What the main advantages?
First, the investment efficiency is high, and it takes 1 second to start mining;
Second, the low investment cost is mainly reflected in the fact that in addition to our electricity tariff advantage, the transportation, storage and maintenance costs of the mining machine are extremely low;
Third, the technical team is professional. We have a team engaged in mining for many years. They can maximize the income of investors through their Experiences;
Fourth, strength is guaranteed. RHY cloud hashrate and overseas institutions have large-scale self-built power stations and mines in Georgia, Kuwait, Iceland, Ukraine, Canada and other countries, with local government preferential policy support;
Fifth, adopt multi-certification method, the coin is safe and free, and it is monitored at any time;
Sixth, Shenzhen Internet Online Cloud Computing Co., Ltd as an agent of RHY cloud hashrate, mainly investment blockchain field. In the blockchain field, it has a certain voice, strong strength and credibility.

4、How to buy RHY cloud hashrate?
Mining investors and hashrate investors can log in to RHY.COM to register, select the suits package, and sign an electronic version of the contract or paper version contract with RHY Cloud Hashrate Platform. In the contract agreement, there have investment amount, payment method, investment period, currency transfer method, contact information and so on. And then purchase.

5、What are the packages for RHY Cloud hashrate?
The bitcoin package mode in RHY cloud hashrate has T9 business mode, T9 partnership mode and S9i partnership mode for investors to choose freely, and other package modes will be launched in the future. Welcome attention.

6、How does RHY Cloud hashrate Investors gain revenue?
The RHY cloud hashrate platform adopts the mode of directly withdrawing coins to the customer's designated wallet address on the same day. There is no third-party platform to intervene, which is efficient and safe.

7、How do the hashrate investors calculate how much coins they get per day?
Investors can open the website:, select the mining income calculation corresponding to the digital currency in the tool website. Mainly input the mount of hashrate. The power consumption of the mining machine, the electricity fee, the price of the mining machine, etc., without input. Investors can get an idea of the amount of the corresponding digital currency that you are investing in each day.

8、Where is the mine?
In order to reduce the impact of national policies on mining, our RHY cloud hashrate mines are located abroad. For security reasons, we will not public the specific location of the mine. The location of our mines include Georgia, Kuwait, Iceland, Ukraine, Canada, etc.

9、Which mining pools do you use to mine?
We will not public the mines we are using. We believe that the most important conditions a good mine should have include reliability, reasonable handling fees and low rejection rates. In order to maintain the decentralization of the network, when we know that the power of a certain mine pool is close to 50% of the total network computing power, we will decisively switch to other mining pools.