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Blockchain Market Status

Blockchain can be said to be the hottest technology at the moment. Bitcoin, based on blockchain technology, has become the hottest virtual currency product in the world.

The price of Bitcoin was once even as high as 20,000 US dollars. A large number of "miners" spread all over the world, crazy to dig coins and earn digital currency.

Core Problems in Mining

  • Cheap electricity

  • Legal license

  • Clear customs

  • Cheap logistics

Pain point layout for industry

Global self-built mine

Three installment of self-built global data center


In 2016, RHY began to invest in the construction of substations in the Free Trade Zone, access to national dual-line national grid power supply, self-purchasing transformers, purchase of land in local free trade zones, payment of local capacity increase, and construction of a blockchain with 900MW power supply capacity in three phases. The data center, which can boot up to 300,000 miners at the same time, will become the world's largest blockchain data center.

RHY Cloud Mining Investment Service

RHY Cloud Mining Investment Profit Model

In overseas, the construction of a mining data infrastructure center serves all blockchain companies in the world. It has invested in the substations and switch rooms of the State Grid, and has already paid expansion fees to the local countries. The power stations have been completed. The service model is based on self-built mines and power stations, and it is a cloud mining investment service and digital currency financial service around the mining machine.

RHY Cloud Mining Product Features Advantages

Data center profit model