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Mobile Internet Big Data Accurate Marketing Ecology

Mobile Marketing Tools

1.9 million

SME customers

Internet Online has provided SAAS platform and marketing tool services for 1.9 million SMEs and small and medium businesses (as of March 2017)! The turnover of the business on the platform exceeded 30 billion!

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Wechat marketing
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Mobile Marketing Media


Self media subscription number


Day trading scene


The Internet Online has operated 1200 we-media, with 4,900 subscription channels for media distribution, and 80000 per day for code scanning under the line. Big data can accurately label users' spending habits, careers, and distribute them for businesses and get active users!

Mobile interactive
media precise platform
Mobile subscription
number aggregation platform
Mobile payment scenario
delivery platform

Mobile Marketing Platform


Active user

The single online activity of the internet online red envelope task mode is active every day, and it can reach 26 million active users within 48 hours since the media launch. According to the user's interests and hobbies, the specific user's big data image can accurately capture active users for advertisers!

Mobile from media and
new media aggregation platform
Mobile self-media content
review and interactive platform
Mobile Marketing Technology
Cloud System Platform

Mobile marketing activities

Launch orientation

300 million

User groups

The layout of Internet Online marketing ecosystem can cover 300 million users. Users can quickly and accurately meet user needs through user characteristics, matching questionnaires, etc., and achieve advertisers' direct contact with target live powder and online interaction.

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