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"Internet plus" era leader Sharon (Yueyang)



        November 30, 2016 at half past two in the afternoon, Shenzhen Internet online cloud computing Limited by Share Ltd chairman Zhou Ming was invited to participate in the Yueyang County Rural Taobao two floor conference room held "Internet plus new business model" dry cargo sharing lectures salon. Sharon Yueyang County by electronic commerce association president Zhang Haolin personally presided over the Internet brings open up a fresh outlook interactive exchange of learning and Zhou Ming chairman with humor but don't lose reason for sharing of small and medium-sized enterprises in Yueyang county.

        "The new business model and investment theme of the era of big data salon watch Internet plus finance", how to break the bottleneck of the development of the industry in Internet plus financial environment, seek more extensive resources platform is to discuss the problems to this activity. The atmosphere of the scene was warm, and the guests were always in high spirits from signing in to the conference room and watching the short film. Among the participants, there are no lack of Yueyang agricultural leading enterprises, Yueyang County young entrepreneurs, agricultural experts and private entrepreneurs in various industries. Under the guidance of the basic ideas of resources, interoperability and cooperation, we pool resources, understand each other and docking needs, fully integrate into them, and express their opinions and opinions on the new trend of thought, new ways and new goals brought by the Internet revolution. The salon began in a heated discussion.

        Under the introduction of the host, the chairman of Zhou Ming made a deep and shallow analysis on the channels for the small and medium enterprises to land the capital market. According to China's A shares and explain the OTC market, so that all the guests on their own business as well as the development of China capital markets have a more detailed understanding, but also to want in the Q and E board listed entrepreneurs pointed in the right direction, but also through the analysis of three aspects of investment, new situation under the mode of traditional and emerging market investment comparison and the new mode of investment strategy under the prospect of this new model Internet plus financial and future presented their insights. Chairman Zhou Ming, through his humorous speech, fully promoted the atmosphere of the scene. Taking the local agriculture as the carrier and the Internet as the starting point, we used vivid cases to show us the infinite possibilities of the Internet mode.

        Try to excavate their new business models and opportunities of mobile Internet environment now in interactive communication form, analyses the design of Yueyang County Deng Valley industrial chain evolution of sweet potato production and business model, the real from the enterprise products for positioning for the crowd to establish their own precise customer groups, to achieve the whole culture communication around the product platform with WeChat and mobile tools, also talked about how to go beyond the competitors products. Talking about the Yueyang county is the largest building materials Plaza Yifeng project, a new business model, Zhou Ming deeply about B2B2C, the current business resources and customer resources more effectively together to produce more value. After the lecture, the guests were also asked you a contention of a hundred schools of thought each one airs his own views.


        Shenzhen Internet online as the behind the scenes hero of the development of 92 million small and medium-sized Internet companies, is very fortunate to be able to be born in such a great era, to witness the great momentum of the times, and the future possibilities are unforeseen and full of opportunities. The Internet online will also continue to work together to help traditional enterprise transformation and upgrading, the flow, takes up, create a new era!