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Internet online: 920 thousand behind the curtain for the development of mobile I



The picture is the site of the China (Shenzhen) e-commerce development forum in 2016

Three plate tiger March 30th dispatch takes the theme of "building new business ecosystem". In 2016, China (Shenzhen) e-commerce development forum was held in Wuzhou guesthouse in March 28th.

"Internet plus mobile business forum, which attracted hundreds of mobile industry insiders at. The forum guests included Su Ningyun, the baby tree, the Internet online, Bao driving car, green tea and other well-known beauty, have the convenience of mobile electronic business platform of the top.

The guest on the mobile e-commerce operation for the theme to launch a speech, sharing the story of the growth of the home platform. Among them, the chairman of Shenzhen online cloud computing Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "online"), Zhou Ming's speech is different from other guests' speeches, attracting the attention of the spectators.

Zhou Ming, chairman of the Internet, spoke at the Forum on the development of e-commerce in China (Shenzhen) in 2016.

Online online: for the development of 92 million small and medium-sized enterprises

     "The company has many peers in the Internet enterprise level service market using their PaaS platform services." Insiders at the forum said that.

Although the Internet is a little known, the company has long been a result that does not match its reputation. It is reported that the Internet is a very low-key, low-key to the high-tech enterprises, listed on the new board even after the bell ceremony is not held, low-key to serve more than 92 small and medium-sized enterprises is still unknown to the public.

It is understood that the Internet is not only for the e-commerce platform to provide services, the service object includes all small and medium-sized enterprises. Public information shows that,The Internet online Internet focused cloud computing is Chinese, leading to a "Internet plus" platform service provider.In short, Internet online is an Internet service provider for building "bridges" between businesses and consumers of small and medium sized enterprises.


    "The Internet online" Internet plus "cloud computing development as the core, for the small and medium-sized enterprise fast combination of" WeChat + "and" APP+ "," HTML5+ "and" cloud platform + "and" O2O+ "cloud computing platform for big data tools, help enterprises to take when an occasion for targeted marketing." Zhou Ming introduced that Internet online has made certain achievements in the field of Internet enterprise applications.There are 7.36 million enterprises to serve the Internet, and the number of mobile Internet applications is 92 million.(as of December 2015).


♦Help small and medium-sized enterprises "+ Internet" retrograde

        Now is the "Internet plus" era, with many well-known O2O platform collapse, many experts pointed out that "O2O+" is a false proposition. There are many small and medium enterprises in our country, and the daily consumption of consumers is overly dependent on the Internet. How do small and medium-sized enterprises solve this dilemma? The interconnected online cloud platform is a perfect solution to the problem of business drainage for small and medium enterprises under line.

        Many of the services provided by small and medium-sized businesses are not suitable for Taobao and Jingdong. The services provided are only a few kilometers away from the surrounding area, which is the gray area of platform services. Small and medium-sized businesses and small businesses will take the C2C platform and B2B as the source of drainage, similar to public comment, Baidu takeaway, and the U.S. group to establish their own B2C or C2B official mobile platform, so as to better serve high-quality customers, enhance customer stickiness and two consumption. Zhou Ming introduced,the services that the Internet can provide to these businesses are targeted to send consumer information to the consumers in the radiation range.


He explained: "for example, a beauty salon, it only needs to know where its customers are and how to find the customers with the needs." In this regard, Zhou Ming's insight is that for small and medium-sized businesses, the need is the localization of marketing promotion, the realization of the "industry + Internet" retrograde.

        It is understood that small and medium-sized businesses and small businesses are flat channel and superimposed channel development. Enterprises will connect online platform built as drainage, and establish their own B2B2C and C2B.


♦Enterprise level mobile Internet service providers chasing new hot spots

     "There are many domestic mobile Internet service providers, but only one company that can provide self-service platform services is online." Zhou Ming said that Internet online is expected to establish industry standards in the mobile Internet business level market.

      It is understood that,as a national high-tech enterprise and software enterprise certification, the Internet online by the intellectual property rights of nearly 300.The value of its investment has long been endorsed by many institutions with real gold silver.


The Internet was awarded on line from May 2013 to February 2016.the venture capital of 6 institutions, such as Jun Kai capital, Ji Ruixiang investment, jesbo capital, Lake business venture, science and education city investment, Merrill Lynch venture capital fund and so on.

    "The 2014, 2015 sowing period, 2016, 2017 will be the transformation of business, for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide value-added services, as well as the integration of the various business reports,ln the next two years it is the online harvest season.”zhou Ming said the Internet is confident that it will continue to be favored in the capital market.

     "The first stage of development we need for businesses to provide free services platform, allow businesses to quickly use mobile marketing tools to expand around the new customers, maintain old customers, with young entrepreneurs, 90 entrepreneurs will be the mainstream of entrepreneurs, this group is the application of the Internet grew up, with the help of mobile Internet tools to improve use to the mobile platform business model, marketing and management will become a new generation of entrepreneurs just need." Zhou Ming said,In the next few years, it is a great opportunity for the mobile Internet enterprise market.