Computing power changes the world, and computing power drives the future!



"Internet plus" era leader Sharon (Qingdao)



Main contents:

One, WeChat + trend of the times
1, Internet thinking under the new normal
2, WeChat + market demand
3, the analysis of the model of micro marketing
Two. How to build a micro marketing system
Three. In the era of micro business, joint driving gold

Meeting brief introduction:

"Internet plus" era leader summit, is one of the Internet's online activities, the electricity supplier elite speakers, interactive quiz, and free exchange of lively activities throughout the country carried out patrols. The elites from all walks of life will gather together to discuss the real battle of e-commerce, the sparks of thinking and the sharing of their experience and wisdom.

Time: October 30, 2015

Theme: "Internet plus" how to integrate industry resources distribution

Location: Shandong province Qingdao City eight Lake Street Super 8 Hotel (Shanning shop)

Size of the general assembly: 70 people


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