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The third China Internet Trade Fair



2011 Third China Internet Trade Fair

The third China Internet trade fair was successfully held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in from May 20 to 22, 2011. Exhibition set six Internet Theme Pavilion, ten special exhibition, three days summit, 26 focus on the promotion of roadshow held. There are 268 domestic and foreign Internet industry chain exhibitors, more than 320 international standard booth, and the number of visitors to the exhibition is over 80 thousand. It involves 20 traditional industries. More than 300 enterprises and agencies from 17 provinces and 4 municipalities in Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong and the mainland have participated in and supported 59 enterprises. 6 projects have been signed with investment institutions, and the total amount of the project is over 75 million yuan. The proportion of the leading enterprises in the exhibition industry and the leading enterprises in the sub industry reached 36%, the proportion of the core content participating enterprises reached 62%, and the special installed booth accounted for more than 30%. The domestic and foreign Internet industry chain exhibition of more than 2000 enterprises. "Fair" to show the result has been the Internet, from the traditional Internet to mobile 3G, radio and television networks and networking and other areas in-depth development and penetration. In addition to traditional industry exhibitions, new projects such as webmaster salon, government and enterprise dialogue, high-end forum and investment promotion have been added. Scale efficiency has become the first exhibition of China's Internet industry chain.

Time: 20 2011, 05 months

Venue: Museum No. 8, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center


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