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The second China Internet Trade Fair



2010 Second China Internet Trade Fair

The second China Internet trade fair was successfully held in from July 2 to 4, 2010 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At the second Expo, there were 236 well-known Internet companies at home and abroad, 298 exhibitors and 60 thousand visitors. More than 300 media reports and 46 investment institutions participated or commissioned. The 16 key promotion roadshow held, "the 2010 China Mobile Internet Summit, 2010 Chinese Internet e-commerce forum, 2010 China Internet investment and financing forum, 2010 industry website construction development trend forum, 2010 China Internet business model innovation forum, twenty-first Century elite entrepreneurs forum six forum, every super 600 people. There are 4 projects signed by the investment institution and the total amount of the project is over 35 million yuan. "CCTV", "Guangdong TV", "Shenzhen TV", "Shenzhen daily", "Nanfang Daily", "Southern Metropolis Daily" and other 16 authoritative media, the fair has been the focus of publicity. The Baidu search for the "2010 Second China Internet Trading Fair" reached 923000 news, and reached 711000 in Google search. Special Tencent, NetEase, Sina, Austria net, Shenzhen news network, Shenzhen window, Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center,,, a city network, the first video network 17, reported online "fair" press more than 300.

Time: 2 2010, 07 months

Venue: Museum No. 8, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center


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