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Fourth trend Salon



Fourth trend Salon

By the Internet, online Tencent V5 push, and Pippi Comsenz jointly organized the "China elf heroes" Internet in November 26, 2011 was held at the Shenzhen Civic Center, will be gathered in many domestic and foreign electricity supplier industry experts, marketing experts and industry elite micro-blog.

The theme of this conference is "micro life, new trend and big business opportunity". It will focus on e-commerce, future trend, micro-blog marketing and open platform opportunities. According to the topic of micro-blog marketing and e-commerce development trend, e-commerce executives and millions of fans have been sharing and discussing their own experience in the industry for many years, and the audience has been innovative and sharp. In addition, in the site of the activities of the Internet Industrial Park exhibition area, business name enterprise exhibition area, brand exhibition area and other open exhibition areas have also caused a lot of participants' spectators. At the same time, the "2011 China e-commerce leadership list" was selected and announced at the dinner ceremony. The Shenzhen Luohu Internet Industrial Park was selected as the 2011 China e-commerce leading industrial park. Luohu District enterprises Xin Wanfu Xi, TTG, Jianhua Potter three enterprises were rated as 2011 China e-commerce leading enterprises.

Time: November 26, 2011

Location: Shenzhen Futian District international e-commerce Industrial Park

Theme: seize the open opportunity of the Internet platform


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