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Third trend Salon



Third trend Salon

Third "trend Salon" to "seize the opportunity to open Internet platform" as the theme, invited the thunder market director Huang Benxue, Tencent caifutong marketing department Huang Junjun, Tencent micro-blog CEO, IT Dacai Yan tea Benbo etc. several industry deep knowledge of the people in charge as Christmas guests. Share the experience of open cooperation and how to connect open and open cooperation.

As for e-commerce, with the gradual clarity of the overall pattern of the Internet, it is obviously not a wise choice to rely on its own power to fight alone. In such a situation, it is obviously the best choice to integrate and complement each other's open platform to achieve a win-win situation.

Time: October 22, 2011

Location: Shenzhen Futian District international e-commerce Industrial Park

Theme: seize the open opportunity of the Internet platform


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