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First trend Salon



First trend Salon

"Trend Salon" is a high-end resource that is built by online interconnected with Sharon. It continues from learning philosophy, finding resources, making connections and cooperation. It adopts directional invitation and directional docking mode, and does not receive personnel below the director level.

The first phase of Sharon to e-commerce across the transition of life and death "as the theme, including Vanke, China UnionPay, attracted a number of film group and other large enterprises to participate in the strength, holding a large amount of money and rich business resources of traditional enterprises, the upgrading and transformation of the focus to the Internet and e-commerce, which indicates that the Internet and electronic Chinese business, the future will increase the traditional enterprise capital the strong competitive power;

Time: August 30, 2011

Location: Fukuda international e-commerce Industrial Park

Theme: cross - commerce transformation of life and death


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