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"Internet plus" era leader Sharon (Shenzhen)



Bright spot of the conference

Bright spot one: heavyweight leaders and guests

This session will bring together CEO elite, such as Internet brand, CEO, traditional business operator, retail brand, enterprise technology consultant and third party service providers. Direct communication, expansion of human connections, business opportunities, cooperation and win-win!

Highlight two: more than ten theme speech interaction

This conference will be in-depth discussion on Internet plus business leaders, effort and dedication! We have brought you more than 10 wonderful speeches and two interactive exchanges. Help your enterprise control the trend of the times and shape the golden brand!

Highlight three: This is a grand gathering of the Internet, and it is also the 2015 entrepreneur conference.

The summit will be jointly organized by various major entrepreneurs and will open up the entry channel for entrepreneurs. The conference's main report will make a special arrangement for the joint dialogue between the creative and entrepreneurial elite and the big men.

Bright spot four: nearly a hundred media push forward

From September 2015 to November, it will be a period of centralized media publicity. Including television, radio, web, video, media, print media and other hundreds of media staged push. The audience covers nearly hundreds of millions of high end groups. It has a wide range of influence and publicity.

Highlight five: a [+] event leading Internet

The meeting will be a domestic Internet [+] thought peak ac;

The meeting will be a domestic Internet industry showcase [+];

This conference will be a Pearl River Delta [+] Internet campaign launch publicity.

Brief introduction of the conference

"Internet + era leader Sharon, is one of the Internet's online activities, through the speakers, electricity supplier elite interaction, quiz and free exchange activities in the form of lively, tour throughout the country; the elite from all walks of life business together together, discuss the electricity supplier of combat, agitation thinking sparks and share experiences with their wisdom.

Time: 2015-09-15

Location: Shenzhen city Futian District international e-commerce Industrial Park, the first floor multi-purpose hall; metro: exit C, North B, lotus export

Theme: "Internet plus" integration of industry resources

Size of the general assembly: 50 people

Conference location: help entrepreneurs better standing in the "Internet plus" on the air, gaining new opportunities in this era and glory


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