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2015 Hangzhou e-commerce service salon fifth phase



The Internet blazed in the 2015 e-commerce service alliance Salon
The afternoon of May 23, 2015, Chinese electric service alliance "2015 Hangzhou electric service salon fifth in Hangzhou EGO venture building club held the salon, invited Liu Qingdong, vice president of the Internet online contact guest founder Luo Wenjun, a senior expert at merchants and other 3 Internet cafes," those things O2O!" Theme sharing.
In recent years, the development environment of the electricity supplier industry has changed rapidly. The majority of service providers have reached a consensus on the development of Baotuan and the sharing of resources. Therefore, the electricity supplier service alliance should be strengthened.
Within a short period of 2 months, the e-commerce service alliance has attracted nearly 300 kinds of e-commerce service providers. As an industry benchmark, Hangzhou e-commerce providers need to work closely together to summarize the management mode and service mode of the electricity supplier industry, and effectively share and output, so as to create a platform for Chinese e-commerce providers to embrace, share and win.
The Hangzhou electric service salon scene share, commercial enterprises for the sharing of content have raised questions and opinions, the spark of thought constantly collision, questioning atmosphere, guests can allow enterprises to answer from the actual situation of their own businesses, to think and solve the problem.
In the Internet online completed several rounds of financing, to enter the O2O ground service, leading the trend of mobile Internet, which owns "site", "cool partner" and "fusion easy" three application platform, which satisfy small businesses, micro business and the people's life and social needs, the three platform for mutual response. The Internet online to mobile Internet market as the core of enterprise development, bring to promote and upgrade traditional industries, to bring order and profits for businesses, for individual users to bring convenience and happiness, mobile Internet will become the leading provider of enterprise in the next 3 years.
Business service alliance salon was brought to a successful curtain in a heated discussion with the scene, entrepreneurs have said the activities for their own benefit, enterprises have more clear goals and plans in 2015 electricity service, and look forward to the next activity, listen again to more share you bring the Internet bigwigs.
Time: 2015-05-23
Place: EGO building in Hangzhou
Theme: those things in O2O!
Position of the conference: to share the theme of "the things of the O2O"


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