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Thematic performance of the mobile Internet business model



Online CEO Zhou Ming: a lecture on the business model of the mobile Internet

In March 21, 2015, the Internet online CEO Zhou Ming was invited to attend the business model will make a special Zhiyou, and business model of mobile internet speech at the meeting, he shared the mobile Internet mode logic, project operation structure elements and enterprise team concept characteristics of topics such as the original views and many of the guests.

On business, chairman Zhou Ming believes that by misleading customers for the market, known as the Yin life through their own career; equivalent value exchange to get profit is called fate can cause; for the industry for the society to bring value to customers, so as to obtain customers and social returns, is the cause of destiny. The Internet has been serving the enterprise market for 13 years. It is committed to providing mobile internet marketing tools for small and micro businesses for a long time, creating profits for customers and bringing value to the society.

Chairman Zhou Ming's brilliant analysis of corporate culture, that is, the culture of five lines. For businesses, teams, wood for the fire for the Ming, Rende, Tsuchino Nobumi, Kim is loud, soft water. The five lines of culture promote each other. Internet online is developing and developing step by step in line with the five elements culture, orientation, tree morality, open mind, development and value creation. We should take the concept of international market as the most advanced navigation for small and medium-sized enterprises to use mobile Internet.

The future economic model will be "Internet plus" economic model, the Internet online to grasp the opportunity, make adequate preparations, the Internet will have a better future!


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