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Internet Online Cloud Computing Stock Co., Ltd. Company Profile

Shenzhen Internet Online Cloud Computing Stock Co., Ltd. (stock code: 835727) was established in March 2006 to focus on cloud computing and blockchain technology applications field. In February 2016, Our company was listed on the New Third Board and obtained funding from six risk institutions With A and B.

【Internet Online Data】Overseas Business Departmen: Focus on the blockchain data center industry. Currently it has been investing in blockchain large-scale data centers overseas, and can simultaneously hold 300,000 units of miners at the same time. (Overseas investment in three installment to build dual-line national network 450MW power The substation, miner factory, blockchain miner asset trading platform and miner machine financial services,Internet Online will become the world's most important blockchain mine data center service provider.

【Internet Online】Mobile Marketing Department: Build mobile marketing ecosystem in three phases. The first stage was the application of mobile marketing SaaS tools. It has served 1.55 million SMEs, with a cumulative transaction volume of 32.5 billion RMB (June 2017); and the second stage set up a group of secretaries from the media and community, covering nearly 30,000 This group involves more than 40 industry sectors. Strive to become the leader in mobile precision marketing in the third installment!


While deeply trusted by the market, Internet Online has also won favorable comments from governments and social organizations: “The Most Influential Brand”“The Trade and Industry Bureau has issued the core members of the e-Commerce Standards Alliance”“The government has issued excellent internet companies in Futian District”“Peking University Internet Talent Practice Base”“20082008 Top 10 Enterprises in Shenzhen Industry”“2009 Outstanding Internet Company”“2010 Most Potential Internet Company”“2011 Internet Business Model Innovation Enterprise”“2012 E-commerce Excellent Service Enterprise”“2013 2013 Mobile Internet New Media Outstanding Enterprise ”“2014 Internet Technology Innovation Award”“2015 Big Data Innovation Model Award”“2016 Mobile Internet Marketing Model Innovation Award”and other awards and honors.

Jiangsu Big Data Industrial Park Internet Online Building

Internet Online is a national high-tech enterprise (GR201844203336)、and a dual-soft certification enterprise(DGY-2009-2004),It has nearly 300 software works and honorary qualifications, and has been awarded the Internet Payment System and Mobile Internet Payment System Certification(ISCC-2014-IS-043)、 the telecommunications value-added services (Guangdong B2-20191714) license and the broadcasting license (Guangdong) word No. 577. Internet Online will apply new technologies to open up the future, create driving forces for industry innovation, and create greater value for society.