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The Party Branch of China Communist Interconnected Online successfully completed the change of office
On the morning of June 5, 2019, with the approval of the Party Committee at the higher level, the Party Branch of Shenzhen Interconnection Online Company welcomed the important work of the new branch election. The meeting was held in the conference room of the Internet Online Company. There were three formal members in the Party branch of the Internet Online Company of the Communist Party of China. There should be seven members and seven actual participants, which conformed to the relevant provisions of the Party Constitution.

According to the work flow arrangement for the new term, Comrade Tony will first represent the Party branch of the current Internet Online Company to make a report on the work of the Party branch. All the members attending the meeting listened carefully to the contents of the work report, examined the key points of the work report and unanimously recognized the achievements of the current Party Committee. At the same time, the current Party branch nominated Comrade Li Zhengwang, General Manager of the Internet Online Company, as the candidate for the next Party Secretary of the Online Party Branch of the CPC.

In response to the nomination of the current Party Committee, after careful examination and full discussion, all the delegates at the meeting unanimously adopted the form of a show of hands and elected Comrade Li Zhengwang as the Secretary of the Party Committee of the next online Party branch of the Communist Party of China.
Comrade Li Zhengwang addressed all Party members in his new capacity as Secretary of the Party Committee.

Comrade Li Zhengwang pointed out that the new online Party committee will continue to unite all Party members, carry forward the vanguard imitation role of Party members, bravely shoulder heavy responsibilities in its work, create benefits for the company and wealth for the society, follow the Party's command as an example, and strive for the common ideal of socialism for life.
Shenzhen Interconnection Online is a new three-board listed company, which has been strictly required by the listed company standards. Since its establishment, the Party branch has played an important role in the rapid development of the company. The Party members have played an important role in all positions of the company. The decision-making and call of the Communist Party of China has become an important guide for the company's strategy formulation. With the smooth transition of the new and old Party committees, it will inject more powerful spiritual force into the future development of the Internet Online Company.