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Follow the party, keep in mind the mission to build a dream together
On April 16, 2019, Shenzhen Interconnection online Cloud Computing Stock Co., Ltd. organized in-service party cadres to conscientiously study the inner-party course "three meetings and one lesson". This "three meetings and one lesson" study course, put forward three suggestions to in-service party members: first, to cherish training opportunities and take the initiative to study conscientiously; second, to correct their learning attitude and change their roles in a timely manner; and third, to strictly abide by discipline and ensure the quality of learning.

The system of "three meetings and one lesson" is the basic system of the party's organizational life, the important system that the party's grass-roots branches should adhere to for a long time, and the important system of perfecting the party's organizational life, strictly managing party members, and strengthening the education of party members. It is an effective system of party organization and life proved by our party through long-term practice.

In the process of learning, the members of the online party members are brave enough to express their opinions and suggestions, how to learn more efficiently, thoroughly and thoroughly the socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Jinping, and how to realize their shortcomings and improve it.

Finally, the thematic organization meeting was successfully concluded. Everyone spoke freely, reflecting the Democratic atmosphere, solving problems, promoting unity, promoting work and achieving the purpose of this meeting. At any time, only when charging time can we move forward steadily.

I hope that through this study, all the students will have their own gains. I hope that in future work, they will be strict with themselves, adapt quickly to new changes and new situations; constantly sum up experience and lessons, correct mistakes in work, and better complete the optimization of various tasks; at the same time, we can promote democratic centralism, not forget to follow the party at first, and adhere to the basic system of "three meetings and one lesson".