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Chen Jianmin, Deputy Director of Longhua District
On November 26, Chen Jianmin, deputy director of Longhua District of Shenzhen City, led the leaders of the District Economic Promotion Bureau, the District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, the Longhua Administration Bureau of the Municipal Planning Committee, and the Longhua Street Office, and visited Shenzhen Interconnection online Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. Zhou Ming, chairman of the Internet, warmly received Vice President Chen Jianmin and other leaders, and conducted friendly exchanges on the business and development of the company.

At the forum, Chairman Zhou Ming introduced the block chain mobile phone OS operating system and the block chain data center global business and industrial chain to Chen Jianmin and other leaders.

Deputy Director Chen Jianmin acknowledged the achievements made by Internet in the field of blockchain, and the district government also supported and affirmed the development and application of blockchain technology. He is willing to help Interconnect online develop into a new "blockchain unicorn".

Chairman Zhou Ming explained the application details of mining machine and block chain technology to Chen Jianmin at the scene.
Chairman Zhou Ming took a group photo with the company leader with Chen Jianmin and other district leaders.