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Interconnected Online Prepared Zongzi for Employees on The Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon Boat’s just around the corner and the day is getting longer and longer, alongside with the fragrance up in the air.
Internet Online has continued the intimate tradition of “whenever there is a festival there is material benefits” and has prepared holiday gifts for all employees on the afternoon of 15th of June.
The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the important traditional festivals of the Chinese nation. Since ancient times, there have been folklore such as dragon boat racing, food scorpion, hanging calamus, and wormwood. Therefore, the company specially prepared a rich flavor of Zongzi in advance, a box of exquisite Zomhzo, highlighting the company's emphasis on excellent traditional culture, carrying the company's care for employees, reflecting the warm and harmonious corporate culture of the Internet.
The employee’s joy is overwhelming at the gift-distributing site. Everyone said that although the Zongzi is small but the friendship is very deep, the welfare of the Dragon Boat Festival is the affirmation of the company's hard work this year. It not only allows everyone to feel the atmosphere of the festival in advance, but also integrates the company's deep care into the fragrance of Zongzi. It is this small piece of things that employees think about, which deepens the sense of identity and belonging to the company and feels the warmth of home.