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Interconnected Online hosted a collective birthday party for employees in the second quarter
Birthday is a special day to everyone. When we were young, we have the company of our parents. Later when we in school, we have the blessings of our classmates. However, when we grew up,  we often ignore this meaningful day because our busy life. But even if we forget it, some people still remember it. Because there is a special day in the Interconnected Online every month, it is like a flower garden to be released, and the employees of each quarter birthday bloom.
Along with the familiar birthday songs, the "Shouxing" who had a birthday in the second quarter of the Interconneted Online cut their carefully-made cakes. The applause was overwhelming, and the young faces smiled in the blessings...
This fascinating scene took place in the company's front hall on June 1, 2018, which was a collective birthday party for Interconnected Online employees who celebrated their birthday in the second quarter. In order to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, enhance the feelings and friendship between employees, and jointly build a harmonious and friendly, united and progressive team, holding birthday parties for employees every quarter has become a tradition of the company. 
In order to let everyone deepen mutual understanding and understanding, and to have a lively and happy birthday, the administrative department deliberately set up a fun game link - "grab the stool". In the process of the entire interactive game, applause, laughter, and cheers are one after another. The birthday party is short but warm. Everyone tastes sweet cakes and fresh fruits, sharing the joy of birthday and feeling the warmth of home. The staff who attended the birthday party said emotionally, the previous birthday was the same as usual. I didn't expect so many people to celebrate with me this year. I can so happy that have such a lively birthday.
Affection are inferior to long-time companionship, just like deep love need no words. Looking back on the past, all Interconnected Online people have spent so much happy time together, and in the future everyone will continue to walk together to create a team with love and cohesiveness, and work together for a better tomorrow for the Interconnected Online.