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Nothing is as good as you, Goddess day offers heart-warming benefits
On Thursday, March 8, 2018, Women's day of March 8, the company sent flowers and chocolates to all the female employees and gave them the best wishes to thank them for their hard work and outstanding contributions.
On receiving the gifts, the women employees smiled happily . Interconnected Online has always attached great importance to employees' part-time life and corporate culture. The implementation of this activity has made female employees deeply feel the concern and care of the company. Everybody expresses that they will continue to work hard in the future, with full spirit and energy towards work, playing the role of "half the sky" actively, showing the female elegant demeanour of the Interconnected Online staf
Twenties, thirties, best age, best memory. Women's world, in fact, is the fate of flowers. Every female compatriot, be it the goddess or the female hanzi, ,going through their twists and turns through the way of their life! To a large extent, women, are gentle, kind and fragile. The ship of life goes into the unknown future, they are more vulnerable to the wind and rain.
However, no matter how big the storm is and how the fate goes, we should have a smiling heart. In the face of real difficulties, sadness, sorrow and depression are just catalysts to speed up our despair. Only with a smile and a good attitude can we give the haze a painful blow. There are no hurdles and rivers that can not cross. Life is like an arrow. Women are flowers that bloom in the wind.
Working women, under the double pressure of family and career, each one is a strong iron lady! On the road to becoming an international first-class Internet enterprise, the future of Interconnected Online requires the joint efforts of all colleagues! As an important part of the Interconnected Online, I hope our female colleagues have the elegance of flowers and the tenacity of water
Career, just like mountain. Lover, just like water. Combining mountain and water; happy heart, pleasurable mood. 
Family, just like tree. Lover, just like flower. Combining green trees and fresh flowers. Cozy love,warm family.
Best wishes: everyone can own green trees and fresh flower, blue water and green mountain. Happy Women’s Holiday.
Thank all the Godness for your efforts in Interconnected Online. 
Interconnected Online will be more wonderful because all of you.
Thank the goddesses for what they have done for the Interconnected Online, we are better with you guys!