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Internet online started! 2018, new departure!

     The festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival has yet to dissipate, but the new journey is already kicking off. February 23rd (the eighth lunar month of the lunar calendar) is the first working day of the online 2018 dog year. After a happy, peaceful and relaxing Spring Festival holiday, part of the connected online employees from all over the country returned to work on time. Posts, spirits, and start a new year's journey.
     As the saying goes, “A good beginning is equal to half of success.” Early in the morning, company executives personally welcomed the arrival of employees at the gate and sent the company’s new year’s wishes and care. Afterwards, Liu also personally went to the project team on behalf of the company and sent a red envelope to the public in accordance with the traditional customs. He wished the little partners a happy family, pleasant work, outstanding performance, and a lot of bonuses in the new year. 
     After a long Chinese New Year holiday, many people need to give themselves a buffering process. Opening the first day of work on the opening envelope can allow employees to feel the atmosphere of the New Year, an auspicious, festive color, and can promptly remind everyone to adjust the status and start a new one. One year's work. The first day of working happily and giving employees a kind of spiritual encouragement can also let employees feel the happiness and warmth that the company has brought him. In a sound of greetings and blessings, the employees are either delighted or excited, or slightly embarrassed, but believe that their hearts must be filled with fiery passion.
\      Looking forward to 2018, Internet Online will still stick to its own mind, be down-to-earth, and be arrogant, with a high sense of mission and sense of responsibility to promote the company's sustainable development, and go all out to work hard to grasp the overall keynote of steady progress. Happiness is all in the struggle. All employees of the Internet Online will devote their work enthusiasm and high morale to the work of the new year, and they will always be customer-centered and provide the best quality products and services. When we are on the right path, we only need to work hard and success will come. When he was old, he was poor and he had to go upstairs. A new beginning of the new year, open a new journey, 2018, our new departure! Look forward to working with you to create success!