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Yancheng City Party Secretary Zhu Kejiang and his party inspect Jiangsu Internet online

On the afternoon of May 23, Zhu Kejiang, secretary of the Yancheng Municipal Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress of Jiangsu Province, Zang Zhaolin, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, and deputy mayor of the municipal party committee, and more than a dozen members of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Secretary-General Pan Daojin, and Zhou Jianyun, secretary of the Party Work Committee of Chengnan New District, Accompanied by Guo Qingsheng, deputy secretary of Chengnan New District and director of the Science and Education City, he visited Jiangsu Internet Online Office Building to inspect and guide.


Figure 1: The bright Jiangsu Internet front desk


Figure 2: Government leaders listen carefully to the company's total support Yang Jing's introduction to the Internet Online

Chief Executive Officer of the company, Li Zhengwang, and Chief Helper Yang Jing introduced the basic situation of Internet connectivity, big data platform products, and Yancheng development plan to the government leaders, focusing on its “Internet+: RONG.HE.YI” and “APP+: Cloud Platform” and “WeChat+: KHB series of big data cloud platform products such as “O2O+: Immediately at home” has learned that Jiangsu Internet has been operating in Yancheng for only 2 months and has already deployed a number of local companies for Internet+ applications. The affirmation, Zhu Shuji's on-site instruction: "Big data companies must adhere to market orientation, face consumers, collect data sources, and allow industries to form output as soon as possible, with government support."”。


Figure 3: The right fourth is the secretary of Zhu Kejiang, the right one is the deputy mayor of Zhuang Zhaolin, and the second is the secretary of Zhou jianyun


Figure 4: Municipal Party Secretary Zhu Kejiang talks cordially with the company’s CEO Li Zhengwang


Figure 5: Open office environment