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Warmly celebrated the grand opening of Internet Online Building and Jiangsu Company

Internet Online focuses on the enterprise-class market and is the leading "Mobile Internet +" platform service provider in China. Its subsidiary Jiangsu Interconnect Online Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. grandly opened!

Yancheng Internet Online Building opened ribbon cutting celebration.

Yancheng Internet Online Building opened ribbon cutting celebration.

Yancheng Internet Online Building Panorama

Yancheng Internet Online Building Panorama

Yancheng Internet Online Building front desk.

Yancheng Internet Online Building front desk.


As an important supporting enterprise in the construction of a smart city in Yancheng City, Internet Online has been invited to enter the Big Data Industrial Park in Yancheng City. A huge amount of money will be spent on building a nationwide online customer service center, settlement center, and talent training center, and setting up a national business operation center of its “cool partner platform”.


The launch of Internet Online Jiangsu has benefited from the deep-rooted development of Internet Online in the enterprise-class market for ten years. Along the way, Internet has achieved great success in China's trillion-scale enterprise-level market, and it is greatly favored by the capital market and the government's ardent care. The start of this time will further consolidate the leading position of the Internet in the industry and make it stand out in the domestic enterprise market.


The Internet Online Jiangsu Company started its preparation, completion, and formal operation. It has received strong support from the Yancheng government of Jiangsu Province and is closely watched by all sectors of society and the capital market. Internet online Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Yancheng echoes all over the world, together drive the parallel and jointly radiate our brand influence to the large enterprise-level marketing network throughout China.

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Yancheng Chengnan New District Party Committee Member Zhou jianyun (left) to visit and guide.


Director of Yancheng Economic and Trade Commission Su Dong (second from right), Director Wang Xudong of the Administrative Committee of Chengnan New District, Yancheng City (third from right), Deputy Secretary of Party Work Committee of Chengnan New District of Yancheng City, and Director of Science and Education City Guo Qingsheng (first from left); Merrill Lynch Mr. Wang Caizhen, Chairman of the Board (second from left), listens to Mr. Zhou Ming (first from the right), Chairman of Connected Online, and introduces the future development plan of the Internet.


Zhou Ming, Chairman of Interconnection Online, and Yancheng government leaders visited Yancheng Internet Online Office.


After 10 years of galloping, we are an excellent team that truly has a mobile-enterprise enterprise-level market gene, and has a keen insight and determination on the mobile Internet enterprise-class market, and has won the leading industry opportunity. Internet online Yancheng will fully implement the brand appeal of “serving for small and medium-sized enterprises”, provide business drivers for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, and create a new chapter in the mobile internet destiny business!