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Internet online management team visits listed companies for “idreamsky” games

On January 20, 2015, the leading core team of Internet Online Cloud Computing Stock Co., Ltd., under the leadership of Vice President Li Zhengwang, visited Shenzhen Chuang Meng Tiandi Technology Co., Ltd. ("idreamsky Game"). The purpose of this visit is to learn from the way of the management of advanced listed companies and jointly discuss the road to take off.

One of the objectives: Learn from the advanced management methods of listed companies. As a benchmarking company in the Internet industry, Internet Online Cloud Computing Stock Co., Ltd. has a lot in common with the company's enterprise management. That is, it attaches great importance to business management, to efficiency in management, and performance in management. Mr. Chen Ming, Vice President of Musical Game Company, shared with everyone the advanced business philosophy of Lemo Games. Interpreted corporate executives about the entrepreneurial spirit that Lemag company dares to think, dare to say, and dare to do.

Mr. Li Zhengwang, vice president of the company, highly appreciated the excellent business philosophy of Lemo Games, and expressed his deep admiration for the management method of Mr. Chen, chairman of the company. At the same time, it is proposed that the internet online leadership team and the music game company leadership need to communicate in depth in the future, and senior leaders need to learn modestly to provide insights for the company's 2016 vision for success and management.

The second purpose: to discuss the development of the road to take off. During the pleasant exchange process, Vice President Chen Ming took the senior management team to visit the settings of each department of the company and detailedly explained the functions of each department. At the same time, he gave a satisfactory answer to the operational management issues raised by high-level colleagues. At the same time, Vice President Li Zhengwang also expressed to the Vice President Chen Ming the desire of both companies to cooperate in the future in the process of their work. For example, the use of music company's huge user data is seamlessly imported into the connected online platform. Game users can be connected. Redeem points, gifts and other cooperation matters on the online platform. Vice President Chen Ming readily accepted, and expressed that in-depth cooperation and exchange follow-up.

After the meeting between the two sides, Vice President Chen Ming and visiting high-level officials exchanged contact information and took pictures.