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Zhou Ming, general manager of Internet online, elected as "standing vice president"

The Shenzhen Internet technology application association was prepared in March 18, 2007. In December 29, 2007, the first election conference was held by the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau, which was approved by the Civil Affairs Bureau of the city (No. 2007-22 of Shenzhen Civil Society). It was approved by the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. In accordance with the association's constitution and the requirements of the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau on the management of social groups, the four year election was carried out. Shenzhen City Internet Technology Association in 2012 01 Sept. 01 in the afternoon, according to a secret ballot elected executive director of the 11, 2 supervisors, executive council members: sub Wei, Chen Cheng, Zhao Jincheng, Zhou Wanxiong, Liu Han, Bush, Zhang Xinliang, Liu Haibo, Zhou Ming, Fang Jun, Zheng Yujie; Supervisor: Liu Zhiyong Jiang Tao, Ke Wei; Chairman: sub, Secretary General Chen Cheng.选举现场

Election scene


Figure four is the Internet general manager, Zhou Ming